Visit the Microsoft Learning YouTube channel to check out some of the new playlists now available.  Some of the new playlists include:

  • Microsoft Certification Tutorial: Let us help you get started on the path to professional certification. This snack will provide answers to frequently asked questions concerning where to start when getting certified, which certifications to take, prerequisites, and next steps on the certification journey. You'll also find information on job roles and how earning a Microsoft Certification helps show potential employers your commitment to continued learning and career growth.
  • Managing and Troubleshooting with Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 facilitates administration by providing several tools that help IT professionals efficiently manage data and troubleshoot any issues. This playlist describes the Large List Resource Throttling feature, which helps you manage large lists. It demonstrates how a SQL Server logging database can be used to log SharePoint events. The playlist also demonstrates how the SharePoint Best Practices Analyzer can be used to detect and automatically fix common issues.
  • Desktop Experience in Windows 7: People who have more than one computer in their homes would want to create a home network so that they can easily share and access files and printers across the network. This playlist describes the new desktop and taskbar features in Windows 7 that help you effortlessly manage your applications, folders, and windows. It also demonstrates how to use features like Aero Peek and Aero Shake to manage open windows. This playlist will also show you to how create taskbar icons to easily access frequently used applications and Jump Lists to save files on your desktop without the clutter.

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