Tear Down the Wall (Feb 2011 Edition)

Stephanie Jordan (Microsoft)

After 2 years in our current location, the certification team has packed our offices and is ready for our new building.  As the last of the paper clips, spare cables and desk treasures were packed in bubble wrap, our attention turned to the certification Ship Wall:  the team monument to productivity, where every exam we publish is celebrated with a statue, commemorative plaque, 8 ½ by 11 inch printout taped to the wall for everyone to admire.

Wall covered with green exam cutouts

It’s been a busy year.  We still have 4 months to go, but our Ship Wall was already covered from corner to edge. For comparison, we didn't fill up last year’s wall until the end of June.  February was very early to celebrate, but... the wall was full, spirits were high and we had to be out of the building by 3pm Friday.

So we got a deli tray and let ‘er rip!

Here’s another peek into the curious world of MSL ACE content development - enjoy the pictures (and we hope you enjoy our exams as well).

Special thanks to Taj Heniser for taking pictures. We’ll be looking for a new “wall” in Redmond next week. 

  • Andrew Bettany
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    Reminds me of the certification "Wall of Fame" we created at the Orlando TechEd in 2007.  Those were the days when we had a full exam prep study hall, exam cram sessions and the ability to sit Prometric exams whilst at TechEd.  


  • Anonymous
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