Microsoft User Research: Input from Microsoft Certified Professionals Needed

Erwin Chan (Microsoft)

Microsoft User Research would like to hear from Microsoft Certified Professionals across the nation in an upcoming research study. If you’ve received your latest certification in the past four years, this would be a great opportunity to share your experiences and ideas with Microsoft usability researchers and help make the Microsoft Certified Professional website more valuable and easier to use.


This study will be one hour long, and will be held over the internet and telephone. Study sessions can be chosen any day between Tuesday, January 18 and Friday, January 21. And in appreciation for your time, you’ll be offer you a choice of Microsoft hardware, software or games, with a value ranging from $49 to $999.


If you’re interested, please respond with the following information in an email titled “MCP” to


1.)    Name & Phone Number

2.)    Job Title & Company

3.)    City & State

4.)    Do you have a Microsoft certification? Which one(s)?

5.)    When did you receive your latest Microsoft certification?

6.)    On a scale from 1-7 (1 = not interested and 7 = extremely interested) how interested are you in obtaining additional Microsoft certifications?

To enroll in future Microsoft User Research studies specifically for IT professionals, please visit


Also, be sure to check out Microsoft User Research on Facebook:

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Can a voucher be given?  Just wondering.  I'd prefer that (at $125 a pop), as much as I'd also like hardware, software, or games, valued up to $999.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Edit: Shouldn't have seid "free", since you're giving your time.

  • Marti Peig
    | |

    Is Microsoft limiting this to US Certified Professionals or international ones are also welcome?

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Hi Erwin,

    Is this US only or world wide research...

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Its US, otherwise they would need country in the details. Its always US, most offers and research Microsoft do are based in the US, Microsoft are an extremely US focused company

  • Benjamin S
    | |

    If you visit the link for the future research studies, it does ask you which country you are from.  I forget which countries they have listed immediately, but there is an "other" option.  Maybe you should try signing up there.

  • peter peter
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    Good day

    I am and MCP from south Africa , and i have been doing some research for towards ending music piracy using windows platform in return for business for Microsoft .  who must i contact at Microsoft towards this proposal


    - Peter, SA