If you work for a "use it or lose it" organization, you may be scrambling to make sure you spend every dollar by December 31. Here's a last minute suggestion:  Invest in Microsoft Certified team for 2011.

Purchase a Microsoft Certification exam voucher 10-pack now and you'll save 15% for your organization. Even better, complimentary retakes (Second Shots) are included for any failed exam. If your employee does not pass the Microsoft Certification exam on the first try, they can retake the same exam at no additional cost to you. The Microsoft Certification exam voucher pack is flexible and doesn't have to be used by one person, just by one organization. For instance, you can provide one voucher each to 10 employees or give multiple vouchers to put your employees on the path to an MCITP or MCPD certification. Just use your vouchers within one year from the date of purchase.

Certify Your Team. Learn More.

Need more convincing?  A 2009 study1 showed that Microsoft Certification helped organizations improve performance:

  • Certification reduces downtime by 20%.
  • Certified teams are 28% percent more productive.
  • The teams at the top tier of performance have between 40% and 55% of their teams certified on relevant Microsoft technologies and processes.
  • Organizations with higher percentage of certified staff spent about 20% less on support costs for general network management.
  • Unscheduled downtime (lack of network availability) was about 20% lower at organizations with more certified IT staff.

  1. Source: IDC, Impact of Training on Network Administration: Certification Leads to Operational Productivity, Doc # 220563, Nov 2009.