Next MOS Betas Coming - Plan Ahead!

Wendy Johnson (MSL)

Betas for Word Expert 2010 and Excel Expert 2010 are tentatively scheduled to kick off December 17. I'll post an update on the final confirmed dates next week. In the meantime, if you're interested, check out the list of participating test centers from the Access Beta post from December 6. These same test centers will be participating in the Word and Excel Expert betas. Find a test center near you from the list and schedule your exam now.  

Please note these are Expert level exams, which are designed for power users of Word and Excel (read "tough"). Be sure to check out the Audience Profile and Skills Measured linked in above for each exam before signing up.

As usual, please note the beta exams will be in English only.

Thanks and happy testing!

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    I would like a copy as soon as possible.