NetHope Academy -- Update from Haiti


If you have not read the other posts about the NetHope Academy work in Haiti, check them out for context.  This blog post is designed to give an update as we near the half way point of the NetHope Academy internship program.

Nine NetHope Academy interns earn their MCDST designation!!

One of our key objectives has been to help NetHope Academy interns achieve their Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) designation. Many first time IT jobs are in the area of desktop support and the MCDST certification sends a very clear signal to potential employers that the candidate has achieved a high level of proficiency. Achieving the MCDST certification also tells the employer that the candidate spent considerable personal time towards their own professional development.

I am pleased to announce that nine of the 36 NetHope Academy interns have received their MCDST designation after just two months in the Academy program. Interns put in at least 100 hours of classroom time and at least 50 hours of self study time before successfully passing the two certification tests required for the MCDST “badge of honor”.

The names of the interns and their host agencies are:

Jean Faubert Dorancy (Habitat for Humanity)
Enock Duval (Canadian Red Cross)
Paul Jr. Jean-Marie (Relief International)
Jean Herold Mathieu (World Vision)
Emmanuel Jean Paul Leroy (World Vision)
Ricky Ilermont (Save the Children)
Rodney Bien-Aime (International Rescue Committee)
Emmanuella Stimphat (Save the Children)
Nathanial Vixamar (World Vision)

World Health Organization Intern Offered Full Time Employment

Ultimately the primary goal of the NetHope Academy is to provide promising, but unemployed, IT savvy youth with the skills and work experience they need to become fully employed. We expect that most of these transitions from internship to full time employment will take place at the end of the 6 month internship period.

We are pleased to announce that Sondja Telemaque, a NetHope Academy Intern at World Health Organization (WHO), has been offered full time employment as an IT Administrator effective December 1, 2010. Sondja is an amazing young woman that has overcome significant obstacles to support WHO during the recent cholera outbreak. It’s quite a statement that after just two months in the program, WHO has offered Sondja a permanent position.

Great work Sondja!!

Safety and Security

As you may know, post election violence in Haiti has raised security concerns.  The NetHope Academy interns have all been instructed to adhere to the security protocols of their host organizations.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Interns, NetHope member agency staff working in Haiti and their families.


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    First of all I should congratulate the person who passed MCDST which I done more than an year ago. People who work in relief often left out of option and I highly thanked WHO in making a decision of taking them as a permanent staff which is only a dream in Sri Lanka. I am working in the humanitarian field from 2002 and the training courses I paid and the exam I paid my own money. MCP exam money is around 40% of my monthly salary which I took the my  first MCP exam in year 2003 for windows 2000 professional. I couldn't afford to go for private institutions and books helped me to achieve this. I shall be thankful if other countries like Sri Lanka also take these as an example and help the people who are working in the humanitarian field as often we don't get offdays and most of us in the humanitarian field works are working far away from the capital.