Discounts on Microsoft Certification Exam Packs: now available from Learning Rewards

Daniel Tarekegn (Microsoft)

We’re excited to announce the availability of the Microsoft Certification Packs at a special MCT discount rate, which provides even more aggressive discounts and Second Shot for every exam in the pack. This is the highest discounting available and now you can in turn give your students a bigger discount. 

As you may know, in August we launched the Microsoft Career Certification Exam Pack special offer. This offer provides significant discounts and value when students buy exams as a pack. Students who buy a 2-pack or 3-pack receive a 15% discount and those who purchase a 4-pack or 5-pack receive a 20% discount. Plus, Second Shots are included on each exam purchased in the pack.Today, we're happy to announce that as an exclusive benefit to MCTs, you can now provide an additional 5% discount to your students on the 2,3,4 and 5-pack Microsoft Career Certification Exam Packs. This offer, only available through Learning Rewards, increases the discount on the 2 and 3 exam packs to 20% and the discount on the 4 and 5 exam packs to 25%.

We launched this special offer to help Students pursue a new career in I.T., move from one job role to another, or help them become indispensible in their existing role. There are lots of resources that map to a host of different I.T and Developer related job roles. You can take advantage of the guidance to help your students move through these learning plans, get certified quicker or validate I.T./Developer skills. In addition to that, you can now offer them the Microsoft Career Certification Exam Packs, with additional discounts.

MCTs: If you are already a Learning Rewards member,  simply click here to see this amazing discount for yourself and request  vouchers.

            Not a member yet, but interested to find out more?  Register on the here using your MCT ID and become a member to take advantage of your reward benefits.

For Students interested in this special offer, please ask your Microsoft Certified Trainer or contact your local Microsoft Certified Learning Solutions partner. 

We hope you take advantage of this early holiday present, from us to you!<-->

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    Until today I couldn't register on Learning Rewards, always show the message: You are not Authorized. The Learning Rewards is only for MCT or also MCP?