414.244 Downloads Can't Be Wrong - learn more about Windows Phone 7

Tjeerd Veninga (Microsoft)

I'm on the wait list for my Windows Phone 7, waiting is the hardest thing... If you have been reading Bob Caswell's blog posts, you may have seen some of the great Windows Phone 7 content that we offer, at no charge. If you plan to learn more about Windows Phone 7, check out the free e-book or the great Jump Start videos. And if you are joining the Certified Career Conference, you will hear even more! We just looked at the number of downloads of this content this afternoon and we could hardly believe our eyes, thank you for your interest and I hope you will with what you have learned! The below resources are still available at no charge, please drop us a note with feedback on the ebook or the videos, we'd love to hear from you!!

233,296: number of downloads of Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows Phone 7 free 1,000+ page e-book 

180,948: number of views of Rob Miles & Andy Wigley’s Jump Start for Developing Windows Phone 7 Apps & Games on-demand free videos (over 18hrs of training).


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    Are there going to be any free ebooks on support/deployment?