This is a story of one of the NetHope Academy interns in Haiti.

Jude Atinor is 24 years old. Jude is the youngest of five children and lives with two older brothers in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

On January 12, 2010, Jude’s life was rocked by the destructive earthquake that racked his city. Jude was lucky to be in a building that did not collapse. But his cousin had her leg severed. And Jude lost many friends and some of his teachers from Ecole Superior Informatique d'Haiti (ESIH).

Jude had distinguished himself as a computer science student at ESIH before the quake but struggled to find his first job in the IT field. Every employer wanted someone with work experience. Jude had none. How would he get his first job if everyone required work experience?

Jude heard about the NetHope Academy. NetHope developed a program to work with humanitarian organizations and large tech companies like Accenture, Microsoft and Cisco to give unemployed Haitians the work experience they need in the IT field.

Jude was assigned as a part time intern to CHF International, one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Haiti. Jude’s first weeks on the job were good for Jude and even better for CHF. Jude worked hard, often staying until 4pm or 5pm, well past the time that his part time shift was supposed to conclude.

This week. Jude got his first pay check ever. The look on his face was one of pure delight. He was happy, I had tears in my eyes.

Jude has been asked by CHF to move to a full time position where he will actually get paid for the long hours he is putting in.

Jude is just one story. NetHope Academy has 36 interns working at 14 large NGOs. Thanks to Microsoft, Cisco, Accenture and Voila Foundation, Jude and others like him are getting a chance.