Career Factor Casting: Still looking for candidates

Erwin Chan (Microsoft)

A couple of weeks ago I posted an announcement of a casting call for Career Factor, a little "reality" show we're putting on in January.  Since then I've gotten a lot of applications and interest and I am moved by the stories I am reading.  There are a lot of people out there who really need help with their career situation and I'm glad that Microsoft is doing something to help.

If you know of someone who can use this unique opportunity, please let them know.  Casting will remain open until after TechEd EMEA - November 15th to be exact. 

We have opportunities for people who are unemployed, who are looking to advance, to get their first certs, and for students who are graduating.  We have tracks for our new technologies: Azure developer and Windows Phone developer.  We have one for teams and IT Managers and we have one for those looking to get a Masters cert.  Even if your case doesn't fit neatly into these scenarios, apply anyway - I can certainly find a way to modify one of the scenarios to fit your needs.

It pains me that we cannot help everyone and that we'll only have 9 people gain these opportunities, but we hope that these 9 will serve as inspirations.  As we show the stories of these 9 starting in January, we'll provide you with ways with which you too can leverage the tools they use.

Here's the original blurb from the initial announcement:

  • Are you looking for a new career?
  • Have you been looking for a job without much success?
  • Are you a graduating technology student who is looking for a job?
  • Have you been considering the Microsoft Certified Masters program?
  • Are you looking to develop for Azure and Windows Phone 7?

If you fit one of these situations, then we are looking for you to participate in Career Factor, an online reality show starting in January.  Microsoft will be taking 9 dynamic individuals and providing them with training, certification, and other learning resources as they attempt to meet a career related goal.  Their efforts will be shown to Microsoft community through social media and digital media. The show will run until the May, leading up to TechEd North America.  If selected, you will have access to all of Microsoft’s resources as we help you achieve your goals and be in the spotlight in one of our more visible projects this year

For more information of the campaign and application process, please see

  • peter.dorner
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    I will apply I need time to preapre and create a good application before send the documents and video.

  • Anonymous
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    Allowing SQL Server MCM candidates would be pretty nice.  I know a few people who would apply if you opened up MCM for SQL Server...

  • Anonymous
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    I did send my application(s) last week but never received any email acknolowding they were received or what to expect next. So far it has been like sending it to a black box with no output so far. Is that normal/OK?

  • Anonymous
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    Along with the camcorder that participants will receive, a Windows Phone 7 would be a welcome addition!!! LOL

    No Seriously

  • Juan Arbelaez
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    Hello people this is my video for the casting casting call:

    please check, thanks bye bye.