Notice the change on the home page?

Erwin Chan (Microsoft)

We've had a few complaints that the home page is too hard to read because there's too much scrolling involved.  We have long articles and unfortunately they take up a lot of space. 

What we've decided to do is change the default view to excerpt mode.  That means you'll only see a snippet of the article rather than the full one, and you can click and see on the articles you're more interested in (I'd recommend the middle click feature in all major browsers which opens the article up in a new window).

There are downsides to this for instance.  One, we've lost all the images in excerpt mode and the articles aren't formatted correctly - just a paragraph view.  This is as designed on the platform.  The upside is that the page should load faster for you since you're not loading as much anymore and you can skim through more articles quickly. 

Note that this change only applies to the home page.  RSS feeds and the blog tab will still display full articles.

Again, it's not ideal and we're working on options but we wanted to get your input and feedback.  What do you think?  Should we just use the normal view again?

Oh and if you want to change it yourself, you can.  Below the Featured box and before the posts begin are two icons (see screenshot:)

Those toggle between excerpt and full post view so one click returns it back to the way it was.  If you're logged in, this setting should persist across sessions.

Anyway, leave us a comment - what do you think? 

  • Anonymous
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    Thank You! I like this change very much. So much easier to absorb and having the option for both view modes is very nice. :)

  • Bjarne Duelund Nielsen
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    Looks good - much better.