Windows 7 Skills Shortage? (or: 250 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong…)


(Thanks to Michael Domingo over at MCPMag for pointing this one out.)

Enterprise Systems picked up on Gartner’s prediction of up to 250,000,000 new Windows 7 installations over the next four years, warning that “demand for IT pros with Windows 7 migration skills will go through the roof.”

If you’ve been on the fence about going for your Windows 7 MCITP certification, this would be a pretty good time to get off it…

  • Anonymous
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    Except that certification alone *isn't enough*. Companies want someone who has done a migration elsewhere to come do the migration for them, ignoring that very few companies have done a migration yet. So the companies have narrowed the pool to a scarce few candidates and are largely unwilling to consider a broader pool who have certification *and* overall Windows experience, but have not yet been in one of the "magic few" companies who have already migrated.

  • Andrew
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    250M is an awful big number.  Windows 7 today and then of course we will need Windows 8 certification, and then.....

    In 4 years time I really can't imagine there will be that many XP users left!

  • Anonymous
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    The Windows 7 Exam materials have just started to become available, so certs are not quite what they should be, however, the migrations from XP to Vista certs are available, and I have done several, not in the millions, but in the 50's.

    Win 7 is very similar, and doing User Profiles are very easy with the handy tool MS provides, for the oneies, using PowerShell will make it even easier, just have to spend the time to learn PS. Some smart/lazy admin will surely come up with a nifty VB Script or PS script to handle this. Maybe even sooner than we expect!

    Where's the Scripting Guys when you need them!!! :)