Since we announced the Microsoft Certified Career Conference on Friday, our inboxes have been busy. And that's a good thing! Thank you for your comments and your questions. And yes, I will be sharing more details on sessions and speakers, in fact I plan to share a lot of detailed information on our conference tracks right here, a couple of times a week, so please stay tuned as we gear up for the conference!

Today, I am truly excited to announce an incredible soft skills session that will help you build and manage the brand that is most dear to you: i.e. you! What is your online presence like? Can people find you on the internet? If so, what do they see? What online visibility do you bring in to work? Did you know that some companies now require you to have over 150 followers on Twitter before you can even be considered for a job? Building and Managing your Brand is a key soft skill that can help you stick out in the crowd. A strong brand can improve your odds of being hired or finding the next role through the online communities you participate in.

On November 18th, join Stephen Rose for a hands on high energy presentation on how to Manage and Build your Brand (i.e. you). Stephen is our senior community manager for Windows OS at Microsoft in Redmond, I cannot think of anyone better equiped nor more inspiring to deliver this session than Stephen.

Check out Stephen's 'brand': Stephen manages technical content on the Springboard Series on TechNet, the Windows 7 Forums, the Springboard Insider Newsletter, The Windows Team Blog, Talking about Windows and the STEP program. Of course you can also follow the Springboard Series on TechNet via Twitter @MSSpringboard or on his personal feed @stephenrose.