10 Best IT Certifications in 2010

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Erik Eckel recently blogged about the ten IT certifications that he believes “hold the most value today.” He provides an interesting perspective on what is valued and why. From my perspective, this list is awesome because he listed MCITP and MCTS certifications as the top two certifications to hold. But, what I particularly liked (and of course, I loved the fact that our certifications were at the top of the list!) was his rationale for why our certifications are valuable, especially his thoughts about value of our MCTS certifications. 

As you can expect, this blog resulted in a lot of comments about the accuracy of the list. Given that you’re reading this blog, you probably have a Microsoft certification or are interested in one, so I’m curious what you think. Check it out, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this list.


By the way, someone who uses “double-blind” and “Baysian probability” in a blog post is totally awesome!

  • lockharti
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    Yes, looks like a pretty good list that both includes the current trends (at least the MS certs are moving from the old style to MCITP/MCTS) and also incorporates some base generalist skills with the CompTIA certs.

    One thing I am seeing is with a lot of job ads from both business and especially IT specialist recruitment firms not only asking for the "wrong" cert (i.e. where MCSE is definitely overkill for the role described), but also where they have no real idea WHY they want that level of knowledge from the applicant.

    Just a couple of thoughts.


  • Anonymous
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    Wow, I would have been embarrassed to make that post or link to it on my blog (other than for purposes of ridicule).  I think that a more appropriate title would be "The Top 10 Most Important Certifications for the Company I Own That Services Mom and Pop Shops."  Seriously.

    If you look at any professional study of industry certifications that considers their level of demand and their relative impact on earning potential then the VCP, CISSP and CCNA are always near the top of the list.  Certifications for niche vendors like SonicWall don't warrant a mention (unless you're a SonicWall reseller), and certainly don't merit being listed higher than a CCNA.  CompTIA certs, while great for demonstrating knowledge of fundamentals, are in very little demand outside of entry-level positions.

    The most telling statement is:

    "RHCP (or Linux+) and VCP have roles within enterprises dependent upon Red Hat/Linux and VMware virtualization technologies certainly, but those organizations remain hit or miss."

    Really?  Hit or miss?  Nearly 100% of the Fortune 500 is running Linux and VMware somewhere in their environment.  Even Microsoft is now putting effort into Windows/Linux and VMware/Hyper-V coexistence.  But in his world it's still "hit or miss."

    MCITP:EDA and MCITP:SA over MCITP:EA?  Seriously?  Maybe if you want to spend the rest of your life working for mom and pop outfits.  I've been in IT consulting for a long time too, and there's one thing that I know right now about the infrastructure space:  If you have a VCP + MCSE/MCITP then you can pretty write you own ticket.