Just one more week to go and we will be at the MCT Summit in York. The MCTs that are organizing the event continue to do a fantastic job and they continue to send in exciting news.

The summit has grown and now offers a full week of MCT Readiness and MCT Community Networking. On Monday (8/23) a select number of delegates will gather to work on presentation skills. While MCTs are usually amongst the top presenters at any IT event I attend, we can always learn more and I am eager to hear from this group what they learned from the presenter and what they learned from each other. Tuesday is for MCT Community Networking, building that worldwide network of colleagues is as much fun as it is valuable. Typically MCTs from all over the world will share content and best practices and MCTs will always take a minute to help their colleagues; seeing that happen is by far the most rewarding part of my role at Microsoft. It is always a special moment: sitting in the hotel lobby as 'normal' guests check out and the hotel is taken over by 150 people wearing all kinds of Microsoft branded T-Shirts. Conversation in the lobby changes from 'the weather' and 'politics' to 'all things hardware and software'. In the afternoon the MCTs will take a bus tour through York and I hear talk about a 'ghost tour' and a speaker dinner. Then the main event starts, 3 solid days of content from Aug 25th-Aug 27th.

Of course the event will also welcome a number of sponsors; companies within the learning industry will bring great information and offers. I just returned from holiday today and was very pleased to hear that our partners Prodigy Learning and Certiport are teaming up to present the new Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification. As you may have read on these pages, MTA is the first step on the Microsoft technology certification roadmap for students. Also, Prodigy and Certiport will present the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credential which validates skills in the 2010 Microsoft Office System. MCTs will be pleased to hear that a complimentary exam was just announced for each MCT that attends the summit.

I expect quite a few MCTs have just returned from holiday and others may have delayed registering for the event for various business reasons. To any MCT still 'on the fence'; have a look at the event website to review the content that the event offers.