I always have a hard time waiting for holiday presents. Just a few more months until I can put my hands on my new Windows Phone and discover Windows Phone 7. The grapevine is buzzing, especially about developer opportunities and of course 'apps'. Lots and lots of them. So what is the fuzz all about and how can you jump on this train?

Well, first sit back and review a series of short, engaging video interviews with influential community members and Microsoft evangelists. Bytes by MSDN takes you inside the minds of today’s most interesting and influential developers. You’ll learn what they love, what makes them tick and what you can take away from their diverse coding experiences. From hardware and mobile apps to clients and the cloud, it’s all wrapped up in bite-size video clips. We’re constantly adding new interviews, so check back often and stay hungry for Bytes by MSDN.

Then, why not visit Mobile App Match and join the discussion, connect with end users, and build a killer app for Windows Phone 7.