Two cool resources for when (if?) IT breaks!

Andrew Bettany (Regional Lead - UK)

Into my mail box today came not one but two notifications of cool resources from Microsoft to help me get stuff done like a pro!

No 1: Microsoft Fix IT



This seems to be a great resource of known issues and troubleshooting tips.  Pretty AND cool ;-)



No 2: Microsoft Answers 


This is a HUGE, and I mean HUGE forum or questions/answers, help, advice, etc….

The forums cover tons of stuff, from Office, Windows, Security and even Windows Live apps.  Some of the contributors have posted thousands of posts to help people out, awesome.

  • Anonymous
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    nice stuff so far for home users, but what about the old ms news-groups which are beeing spamed...
    like sharepoint
    are they left 2 die?
  • Anonymous
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    Thanks for the post

  • Robert De Roeck
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    Hey this is great information. However both links point me to the Microsoft Answers. The first goes to the main page and the second is focused on Windows 7.