Readiness is key to every MCT so that we can remain sharp and keep "up to date" with the technologies we teach.  I have been fortunate to attend the recent in-person summits and the virtual summit last year, finding great value from being part of these events.

I thought I would share some reasons why I will be attending the MCT Virtual Summit this year. 

1.       It is completely FREE!
2.       Flexible - tune in when you want to consume the content
3.       Simple to login/register (only your MCT ID required)
4.       Expert chat with MSL top brass - Lutz Liob, Chris Pirie, Tjeerd ;-)
5.       Great content - across many tracks
6.       Chat cafe - chat to fellow MCTs
7.       After the summit is over I can download the content
8.       Open to all MCTs - IT Pro, Developer, MS IT Academies, and IW trainers
9.       3 days and around the clock content, all in the comfort of your favourite chair!
10.    Great online interface and user friendly tools, such as "my backpack" and "chat"

See you in the summit cafe chat room in April!