A Valentine to the B2L Community

Krista Wall (Microsoft)

Given that Valentine’s Day came and went over the weekend, I thought I’d send a little Valentine out to all of our friends on Born to Learn, celebrating our beloved readers. (Please forgive the complete lack of flowery prose. There’s a reason that I don’t work for Hallmark!)

O B2L community! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


SweetTalkYou make us laugh, you make us cry.

You make us cringe when you ask, “Why?”

You’re almost never quiet and shy.



You have nerve and you have style.

Your feedback is most worthwhile.

For you we’d walk at least a mile.


LikeThis You love to teach and love to learn.

For new technologies you yearn.

Your certifications you earn.


KissMeThough we can’t always make you happy,

And I admit this poem is sappy,

Born to Learn readers, we think you’re snappy.


Here’s to you, B2L community. You are the life of this party. Will you B Mine?


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    Thank You
  • Anonymous
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    Ok.... I guess I'll bite. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!
  • Anonymous
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    Thanks Benjamin! ;0)