Alright, now Look Exasperated!

Tjeerd Veninga (Microsoft)

We are preparing for our bus tour throughout Europe and have received quite a few ideas from our partners on events they would like to run with us. It is great to see the creative ideas and it is exciting to hear how we could meet students, customers and trainers. We are still open for suggestions though, CPLSs or IT Academies who would like to host our ‘traveling band’ please take a look at the form posted here. If you are interested in attending one of these events, please keep track of us here on Born to Learn and we’ll soon have more news, updates and our ‘tour schedule’.

As part of the preparations, we just had a photo shoot session and I wanted to share one of the pictures that did not make it. Why? Well, it may raise a smile, you see the photographer was asking us for a series of expressions. At some point he shouts ‘Now look exasperated!’. As you can probably tell from the picture below, Joanne and I speak English as a Second Language. We had no clue what ‘exasperated’ means…

 look exasperated

This picture never made it, next week we’ll have more information, news (and the pictures that did make it), stay tuned!

  • Anonymous
    | | THAT S how I remember the bus tour! Tjeerd - Doing his best to look like a Land s End catalog model. Joanne - Always smiling. Ken - Peeved that he cannot be at a Bruce Sprinsteen concert 24x7, 365. Liberty - About to bust a cap in some people for leaving half-empty water bottles ALL OVER THE PLACE!
  • Anonymous
    | |
    Stephen really looks "exasperated" with his two laptops while Melissa on the other hand is wondering where her Starbucks is :)