• MCPs,

    Our first MCP Insider “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” featuring Jeffrey Snover and hosted by Jason Helmick is now up and ready to watch!

    For those unfamiliar with him, Jeffrey is a Distinguished Engineer and the Lead Architect for the Windows Server Division at Microsoft. He’s also the inventor of Windows PowerShell. Along with PowerShell MVP and AMA Host Jason Helmick, during the MCP Insider session, Jeffrey answers tons of questions from the MCP community and gives live demos on solutions in PowerShell.

    Find your question and see the answers from Jeffrey and Jason

    Due to the amount of content we were able to record, the video is split into two modules on MVA. Each module is indexed by question and time stamped so you can jump directly to a specific question or a topic. Below is the link to the video; click the blue bar on the right of the video to see the indexed questions in each module.

    Ready to watch the video?

    Follow this link to Microsoft Virtual Academy to get started watching our first MCP Insider AMA with Jeffrey Snover and Jason Helmick.

    Once again, thank you for submitting your questions! Please let us know what you think about the video and if the content is valuable to you as an MCP. Please leave feedback on the MCP Insider forum.


    Pat Thomas
    MCP Program

  • Who doesn’t love a good sequel? Back in December, we launched the Hour of Code course using TouchDevelop to help introduce millions of students around the world to the basics of computer science. Microsoft Learning Experiences (LeX) joined the Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code initiative and put our skills to the test on Monday, December 8.

    In case you missed the excitement here in Redmond, you can see how LeX performed by checking out this photo album.

    Now on to the big news. We don’t want you to lose momentum from your Hour of Code efforts, so we are thrilled to announce the latest course with TouchDevelop. Drumroll please…announcing the availability of Learn to Code with CODExist: The Birth of Bot!

    Here’s the deal. In the first course, you had to make small fixes to a game where a crazy robot was trying to make it through a maze of wacky obstacles. This next course—the sequel—takes you to the next level. Forget the tutorial, this is your chance to build a game from scratch—not just fix it.

    Take a step toward coexistence with code—CODExist!

  • Even with the growing popularity of online, on-demand learning resources, technical professionals everywhere still rely heavily on books for learning and exam preparation. Whenever Microsoft Press releases something new or run a sale, whether for paper or ebooks, the responses from the MCP community are always enthusiastic. With that in mind, we are happy to again bring Microsoft Press with us to Ignite.

    There are two places to find Microsoft Press books at Ignite:

    1. The Microsoft Certification & Training booth – Located at “Microsoft on Microsoft”
      Here you can browse many titles, and chat with the Microsoft Press team from Pearson. We will have complimentary copies of a book on Azure, available to all attendees. You could even enter to win prizes!

    2. Certification Central – Located at Lakeside
      Here you will find more certification focused titles from Microsoft Press, such as the very popular Exam Refs. Check them out during the week. Have a seat in the study hall, flip through the books, and have a chat with Microsoft Certified Trainers. (Don’t forget to register for an exam at 50% off plus Second Shot!)

    Ignite 2015 is just a little over 2 weeks away! My next blog post will be all about the onsite study hall and the resources you’ll find in it. In the meantime…

    Do you have Microsoft Press books around your desk now? Which book have you been reading most recently? Do you have a favorite Microsoft Press author?


  • Here at Microsoft, we believe access to learning opportunities for critical technical skills empower developers in the global workforce to be competitive and successful in our mobile-first, cloud-first world. 

    As part of this effort, Microsoft launched the App to Cert program worldwide to the entire Microsoft Certified Professional community in November, 2014.  The program benefits software developers from organizations of all sizes, from hobbyists to those working in large enterprises.  App to Cert allows developers to leverage the work they have already done building real-world applications to earn credit toward certification.  We’re partnering with Microsoft Developer Support experts to give developers an opportunity to prove their real-world technical skills and earn Microsoft certification while they do so.

    Instead of a traditional path of three knowledge-based exams, the AppToCert program allows candidates to earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification by following just three steps:

    • Passing a technical review of their software applications with a Microsoft engineer
    • Publishing the applications in the Microsoft Windows Store
    • Passing a single Advanced technical certification exam

    As a result of the program, developers can save hundreds of dollars and months of exam prep time in earning their certification.  You only pay for one exam (instead of three) and all of your effort ties back to the work you are already doing.  And in the end, the final review is not just a paper review – you end up with an app in the Microsoft store! 

    This is truly a performance-based alternative that provides a seamless path to certification, while aligning to the work you are already doing.

    First International Graduate

    The App to Cert program now has our first international graduate, Arif Najar, who is currently studying for his Master Of Computer Applications degree in his last semester at Kashmir University in India. picture of arif

    “I thought I should do the App to Cert program so I would have a great chance to expand my knowledge of App development and create apps for the store that would benefit not only me but all users,” Arif said.  He successfully completed his app review, published the app in the Windows Store, and passed Exam 485 to earn his MCSD: Windows Store Apps using C# credential.

    “I was inspired to create something to go beyond the default music app in Windows 8, I saw something missing in it,” Arif said.  “You couldn’t add music from any other location other than the Music Library to the playlist.  I thought I could create a playlist that would enable users to add music from any location on their devices.” 

    Arif’s Super Media Player Plus app can be found here in the Windows Store: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/dbe891e9-4798-4428-9a34-8a1d7d59cbca  

    “I am very happy I got this broader exposure to app development,” Arif said.  “I would encourage other aspiring developers to take a look at the App to Cert program as a great way to evaluate and validate your development skills.” 

    We’ll be offering the App to Cert program through June, 2015, so please visit the App to Cert site today so you can get started on your own exciting journey. 

    Read the story of the first graduate from the App to Cert program. 

  • Continuing in the series of ACE NewsBytes covering the questions posed by the viewers of my webinar interview with Greg Shields from Pluralsight, this one covers those related to value of certification. This is a hot topic, and I expect even more questions from our loyal followers to help us better understand what you're thinking on this topic and what we can provide to help you build a business case with your manager, team, organization, etc. to get certified!

    Here are the questions that I answer in this edition:

    • What are the benefits of getting certified with Microsoft? What ‘edge’ does someone who is certified have over someone who is not?
    • How do certifications differentiate you from others?
    • How are we educating hiring managers about the meaning and relevance of Microsoft certifications?
    • How is Microsoft helping those who have our certification find jobs?
    • How does the process works after you get certified? Is there a way that clients/employers can verify your credentials?

    Watch this ACE NewsByte as I shed some light on the real value of certification!

    As a reminder, in our first installment, we answered your questions related to exam preparation and alignment of learning content to exam content. In the second installment, we discussed question formats/item types, in the third installment, we discussed questions about scoring, and in the latest installment, we discussed exam development.

  • “Every now and again you just have to stop and invest in your career, and I encourage you to do that now. Stop what you're doing, and invest in PowerShell and you'll be rewarded for having done so.”

    Jeffrey Snover

    Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

    …and the Inventor of PowerShell

    I could begin this post by giving you a long list of reasons aimed at convincing you to embrace and learn PowerShell right this very minute. But that’s already been done, and done, and well… done again by a number of leading technology resources (check out these articles from TechRepublic and pluralsite – and note that the TechRepublic article was written over 5 years ago).  What’s important here is that each and every reason mentioned in both articles is still very much relevant today.  Consider the sheer number of well-intentioned experts running around telling you and your fellow technology professionals what you should be doing and learning to get prepared for the “Cloud.”  You know one of the few things most of these well-intentioned experts have in common?  Most of them pay close attention to Jeffrey Snover.  Yep...the same Jeffrey Snover that created PowerShell and the same guy that delivered the words that kick off this post.  Jeffrey and other leading IT thought leaders, both inside and outside Microsoft, believe that PowerShell is a must have, top of the resume skill.  If you are a current or aspiring IT Professional, the evidence is pretty substantial – you should learn PowerShell, and if you already know it, you should keep going and continue to grow your skills.  There is likely no better bridge to what you are doing right now on premise to you will be doing very soon in the Cloud! 

    We’re on the same page now, right?  PowerShell skills are vital, you need those skills tucked under your belt. Right? And if you already know it, then there are always new cmdlets and peer driven tips-and-tricks to pick up along the way.  So how do you do that?  Two suggestions – 1) lean on the community and, thankfully, the PowerShell community is amongst the most open, approachable, and helpful communities in the technology landscape, and 2) lean on Microsoft, as we have invested substantial resources in creating a rich library of “from-the-source” content on PowerShell, including our new online course - Windows PowerShell Fundamentals – delivered in partnership with edX.  Please explore the resources listed below from the Community and from Microsoft – there is something for everyone at every skill level - and if you can’t find what you need, ask someone, ask the community and you will undoubtedly find the answers that you need. 

    Don’t delay!  There is no excuse – the IT industry and the rapidly growing IT Cloud need PowerShell skills and the PowerShell Community and Microsoft have the resources to help you get started today.  The most knowledgeable IT Operators listen to Jeffrey Snover – shouldn’t you?    

    4 Amazing Learning Resources on PowerShell

    1. PowerShell.org - The mission of PowerShell.org, Inc. is to provide educational resources to the global PowerShell community, and to provide assistance and resources to local and regional PowerShell user groups. Check out a couple of free learning offerings from PowerShell’s #1 resource site.

    2. Free Training from Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) – MVA is THE place to get free training delivered by proven experts on the latest and greatest technologies from Microsoft.  Check out the following MVA offerings on PowerShell – you’ll likely encounter a couple PowerShell celebrities!

    3. Deep Technical Training from a Microsoft Learning Partner - Microsoft Learning Partners can help you achieve your Microsoft technology training goals and they are the only authorized sources for the latest Microsoft Official Courses.  Find a Microsoft Learning Partner and go deep on PowerShell today!

    4. Microsoft Press creates books for every skill level across the entire range of Microsoft technologies.  Check out the following Press offerings from one of PowerShell’s most trusted sources.

    4 Additional Resources for leading edge PowerShell Content

    1. PowerShell Magazine - PowerShell Magazine serves PowerShell content free of cost to readers. The magazine is published monthly and is available as an online edition and as a downloadable PDF. The majority of content contribution is done through guest authors and the community.
    2. Thought-leading blogs from Microsoft PowerShell MVPs:
    3. MVP Kirk Munro’s blog
    4. MVP and author Jeffery Hicks’ blog
      1. The Official blog of the Microsoft PowerShell Team
      2. Scripting Resources from Microsoft
  • In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft Ignite 2015 is officially sold out! Even better news: the schedule builder is LIVE! Now you can start filling your days with all the learning and networking opportunities available at Ignite.

    One of the best ways to demonstrate the value of attending Ignite is by adding a new Microsoft certification to your CV, and Ignite is making “Certification Central” available to all attendees to support that. But you don’t have to take my word for it. See what Microsoft CVP Brad Anderson says about getting certified at technical conference.

    With so many great sessions and activities happening all around you, how do you focus and achieve all your goals for the week? If passing an exam is among your goals, here are my four quick tips for exam success at Ignite 2015:

    1. Pre-register for your exams before getting to Ignite
      You know you’ll be busy high-fiving your friends and getting settled when you arrive in Chicago, so make it a point to reserve your exam times now before you get on the flight/bus/car. Besides, why waste time standing in line? We’ve made it easy for you to schedule exams online. Pre-register ASAP! Did I mention all MCP exams are half price at Ignite 2015? Get the discount code here.

    2. Take your exams earlier in the week
      If you’ve already been studying, get the exam out of the way early and off your mind so you can enjoy the rest of the week. And if (and that’s a big if) you don’t pass, there would be enough time for a retake later in the week... with a free Second Shot! (The mandatory wait is 24 hours before your first retake.)  Bonus tip: If you’ve never been Microsoft certified before, take your exam on Monday or Tuesday, so you can join the exclusive MCP party on Tuesday night!

    3. Put the exam prep sessions in your schedule
      There will be 19 exam prep sessions available throughout the week. Find them by filtering under “formats” in the session catalog. Add them to your schedule builder, and take advantage of these technical focused sessions led by Microsoft Certified Trainers. Thanks to your feedback from previous conferences, we’ve made improvements to these exam prep sessions this year. Check out what’s new about them.

    4. See an MCT Ambassador
      Not sure which exam you need to take next? Make a beeline to Certification Central and find an MCT Ambassador. They’ll be in black polo shirts that say “Microsoft Certified Trainer” on the chest. They are there to help you map out your certification path and offer guidance on training resources. Find out who they are here.

    And now, a quick message from two great people you’ll meet at Certification Central: David Lewis, who manages the onsite testing center, and Kerri Davis, who defends exam security and your privacy. See you in Chicago soon!

  • If you’re brand new to Microsoft Certifications and training, you likely have many of different questions, one of them being, "how exactly do I get started?" To people who ask me this, I always reply that the best place to find this type of information is on Microsoft.com/Learning. It really has everything you need, including explanations about certifications and exams, training information and much more. It's really a one stop shop. 

    Today, to help supplement the information on Microsoft.com/Learning, I wanted to get additional tips and insights on how to get started with Microsoft Certifications so I decided to ask our certification experts. If you recall, these are members of the Microsoft Learning Experiences team that have themselves studied for and earned Microsoft Certifications. Here's what they said: 

    [Question]: What’s the best way to get started with Microsoft Certifications and training?

    Christopher Harrison, Content Developer, Microsoft Learning Experiences

    Take an exam. Really. I know that's a little on the nose, but it's true. I find that a lot of people who are new to the certification path are most concerned about the testing experience. Once you take that first test, you'll realize it's not nearly as scary as you've built it up to be in your head.

    Larry Kaye, Senior Product Manager (Developer and SQL Certifications), Microsoft Learning Experiences

    I think that Microsoft Virtual Academy Jump Start courses are the best place to start–they provided a great overview of the knowledge I needed to master and helped me prepare my study plan.

    David Elfassy, Consultant, Microsoft Learning Experiences

    Pick the technology you are proficient in, pick the exam that matches that technology, look at the exam prep guide, fill in your gaps of knowledge, and take the exam. Rinse, lather, repeat.

    Thanks to all our team members for letting me pick their brains and allowing me to share their expertise here on Born To Learn.

    If you still have questions about the best way to get started with Microsoft exams and certifications, I invite you to ask our team of Microsoft Certified Trainers in our online study groups.

    Lastly, I’d like to hear from you. Do you have a question about Microsoft Certifications and training that you’d like me to ask our team? If so, share it with me in the comments section and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks, everyone!

  • |

    UPDATE 2 (April 19):

    Thanks for the continued feedback on this thread.

    Stay tuned this coming week for another blog, where Ken Rosen and I sit down and talk through the questions, comments, and concerns raised by the BTL community.



    Please note that this option only applies to recertification.  Individuals seeking MCSE certification must still pass a series of robust, proctored exams.

    Please also see step 3 for clarification - Microsoft will be verifying the completion of your Microsoft Virtual Academy activities for recertification.


    We know you have a lot of demands on your time, so we're rolling out a new option to help you keep your certifications current.  Now, you can recertify by completing a prescribed path of Microsoft Virtual Academy courses.


    Although you can still choose to recertify by passing a recertification exam, recertifying with Microsoft Virtual Academy provides a great way to both maintain your current skills and catch up on advances in your area of expertise, all on your own schedule.


    Recertification can now be achieved simply by completing these three steps:

    1. Select the available skills path for your expiring certification.
    2. Pass all of the assessments for each Microsoft Virtual Academy course in the selected path.
    3. Let us know when you've completed your studies, and, once we verify your completed activities, we'll update your transcript.

    If your MCSE: Data Platform or MCSE: Business Intelligence credential is due for recertification, you can take advantage of Recertification Through Microsoft Virtual Academy immediately.  We’ll add recertification paths for other MCSE and MCSD certifications over the next year.


    To learn more about this recertification option, click here.

  • Continuing in the series of ACE NewsBytes covering the questions posed by the viewers of my webinar interview with Greg Shields from Pluralsight, this one covers those related to exam development:

    • How many questions can candidates expect when they take an exam?
    • Are the questions tested in a real world situation before appearing on an exam?
    • Why do require candidates to memorize commands when answering questions on these skills?
    • How can someone become a subject matter expert for Microsoft’s exam development?
      • Because I haven't mentioned this in awhile, here's the short answer... JOIN the SME Database today! Doing so will increase the likelihood of being invited to participate in beta exams and being asked to help design and develop Microsoft exams, courseware and books!
    • How often do we use internal Microsoft employees in this process?

    Want the answers to these questions and more? Watch this ACE NewsByte!

    As a reminder, in our first installment, we answered your questions related to exam preparation and alignment of learning content to exam content. In the second installment, we discussed question formats/item types, and in the third installment, we discussed questions about scoring.

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    Calling all Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps developers!

    Microsoft is supercharging its AppToCert program for Spring 2015, broadening appeal to a wider segment of developers.  Here are the updated details:

    We know that you have real world experience in building apps, and hard decisions on how to spend your limited time and money for training and certification. So, why not simplify your life and get credit for those apps you’re building? Elevate yourself by getting certified as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer through a special streamlined path, courtesy of Microsoft Learning and Microsoft Developer Support Experts.

    With the AppToCert Program, HTML5/JS or C#/XAML developers can save hundreds of dollars and get credit for up to two exams by showing the app development work you are already doing. 

    Along the way, the app review will provide you with tips on app design and implementation, and address common pitfalls and blockers to getting apps into the marketplace.

    Earning credit towards certification through AppToCert can now be achieved simply by completing these three steps:

    1. Pass either a Core or Intermediate technical review of your application by a Microsoft engineer
    2. Publish or update your application in the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store
    3. Take and pass one Microsoft developer certification exam from a list of Web, SharePoint, and Windows Store app exams.


    To learn more about the program:

    • First, review the program details and register here.
    • Then, visit Microsoft Virtual Academy and get a glimpse into the app review process: Last Stop: Getting Your Windows App to Market
    • Finally, learn more about one of our recent AppToCert program graduates in our spotlight here.
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    Once again I am back from the annual Innovations in Testing conference, hosted by the Association of Test Publishers. I look forward to this conference every year as it brings together many of my counterparts and colleagues in the testing field, provides a good opportunity to learn and network, and lets me be immersed in my job for three full days. Once again, attendance topped more than 1,000 attendees—testing is a big field.

    This year I got to present at two sessions. My first session I co-created with my colleagues at Pearson VUE, our exam delivery provider. Our session, titled We Are Not the NSA: How to Factor Privacy Into Your Security Program, focused on the intersection between privacy and security. As both the exam security manager and the privacy manager for my organization at Microsoft, I encounter this topic quite often. We talked about basic privacy principles such as notice, consent, and control; data handling and sharing; and how the security professional can work with a privacy professional to ensure that customers’ expectations in both arenas are met.

    My ITCC colleagues from Pearson VUE and IBM and I also did a session called The Connection Between Socializing Professional Skills and Career Advancement. We demonstrated some methods that LinkedIn, Microsoft, and IBM employ to allow credential/certification holders to showcase their accomplishments, whether to social networks or employers. Wallet cards, LinkedIn profiles, shareable transcripts, and candidate highlights are some examples. Promotion of one’s earned certs was a recurring theme at ATP, especially as it pertains to badging and micro-credentialing. Once a candidate earns a certification, how can they use that to their online advantage? What does that certification tell the world about them? We got a lot of good questions and interest in that session as well.

    One other highlight for me was the opportunity to play with contraband that has been used to steal exam answers, thanks to the fine folks at Caveon Test Security, who brought some examples. I will not get into particulars on that, but I will assure you that the rules we have in place at a testing center exist for good reasons.

    Next up for me is Microsoft Ignite, where I will have the opportunity to meet and interact with our Microsoft Certified Trainers and candidates.

    Got a tip for me? Let me know at mlsecure@microsoft.com.

  • Update: Jeffrey Snover AMA video will be posted on 4/17.

    The recording session with Jeffrey and Jason was phenomenal! We received so many great questions from the community and I want to thank you for the support. Do to the amount of content we were able to record, it is taking a bit longer to get the video up, but it will be worth the wait. We will get the video up by next Friday, April 17. 

    Please tune in next week to see Jeffrey and Jason at their best demoing PowerShell, sharing insights on new technology, and having fun in the process!


    Pat Thomas

    MCP Program Manager



    This is your chance to learn anything you want about PowerShell—straight from the inventor himself during our first MCP Insider Q&A!

    Here’s what we need from you: Questions!

    During the MCP Insider Q&A, Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft Lead Architect & inventor of Windows PowerShell) will be answering your questions as well as providing demos (based on what you ask) that you can use to prepare for an exam, leverage for a new project, or learn just for fun. This is a unique opportunity to interact directly with an industry expert and you own the conversation! Don’t know anything about PowerShell? There is no better way to learn than to ask a few basic questions. Tune in on April 9th to check out the answers and demos.

    Why am I excited about the MCP Insider series?

    The MCP Insider series is meant to connect the community directly with industry experts to accelerate learning, drive career and technical growth, and to get an inside look at where Microsoft is headed. We hope that this first event will be a great kickoff so get your questions in!

    How to submit your questions to Microsoft Lead Architect Jeffrey Snover

    1. Go to this forum
    2. Submit your questions by April 1st at 6:00 PM PDT.
    3. Return to Born To Learn on April 9th to see Jeffrey’s answers on video. 


    Pat Thomas
    MCP Program Manager

    MCP Program Manager

    • What’s the best way for me to ramp up on [insert Microsoft technology product name]?
    • What are the hottest tech skills to acquire now for my career advancement?
    • I need to get certified or upgrade my old MCSE/MCITP. What exams do I need to take?
    • I’m having trouble with [insert tech issue or concept] at work and when studying. Can I pick your brain?
    • I have questions but am too nervous to ask during a session…

    These are just a few examples of questions you can bring to the MCT Ambassadors at Microsoft Ignite 2015. Who are they? They are a group of experienced IT pros and developers who have built their careers and businesses around learning, teaching, and consulting on various Microsoft (and other) technologies. As Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT), they actively train technologists from around the world in classrooms or online. During Microsoft Ignite week, you will have access to their brains and expertise when you visit Certification Central or our booth, for FREE! In addition, many of them will be leading the exam prep sessions to help you ace your exams onsite.

    Here are your Ignite 2015 MCT Ambassadors:

    Adnan Hendricks

    Armando Lacerda

    Brian Svidergol

    Cale Teeter

    Chris Rhodes

    Christopher Harrison

    Cindy Lewis

    Farhan Sattar

    John Deardurff

    John Muller

    Mark Grimes

    Mark Wheatley

    Matthew Bailey

    Mindy Young

    Mirko Colemberg

    Peter De Tender

    Randel Hall

    Raphael Barini

    Rob Edwards

    Robert Reinsch

    Sidney Andrews

    Sondra Nelson

    Viviane Ribeiro

    Vladmir Meloski

    Wayne McGlinn


    You may already know several of them through their great work and active community involvement. While in Chicago this May, look for them in their black polo shirts embroidered with “Microsoft Certified Trainer.” They are full of valuable information, and they really love helping you learn (and certify!).

    Additional info:

  • We have a number of great updates to share with you in this ACE NewsByte!

    1. The Bing Rewards Campaign has been extended through April 30! Take a MCP certification exam until April 30, and regardless of if you pass or fail, you will receive 525 Bing Rewards Credits.

    2. MCPs receive a 40% discount on print books and 50% on eBooks.

    3. Rock it at Ignite at the MCP party and by taking an exam for half price! MCTs plan to be there a day early for Day Zero fun (and it really is fun!).

    4. Larry Kaye (he envisions, designs, and implements our developer certification paths, requirements, and strategy), won the FIRST ever ITCC Innovation Award for his AppToCert program. The Innovation Award celebrates professionals in the IT industry responsible for creating a product, service, or initiative that positively impacts customers, companies, and/or the candidate experience. This is an AMAZING honor for him!! I really cannot stress how innovative his idea is in the certification industry. To be recognized for this program is quite an honor.

    Learn about these great updates and more by watching this ACE NewsByte!

  • What happens when experts in Microsoft technologies come to the MCP community and take questions? You get the “MCP Insider” series!


    The new “MCP Insider” series adopts the popular “ask me anything” format from online communities, and turns questions and answers into videos available for your repeat viewing pleasure and ease of reference. Questions and requests can be submitted to the dedicated “MCP Insider” forum on this site, where the featured Microsoft technologists will be watching and collecting your questions.


    The very first MCP Insider will feature Jeffrey Snover and host Jason Helmick. Have a question for Jeffrey or want him to demo something in a video? Post your questions and requests in the “MCP Insider” forum by 6:00 PM PDT on April 1, 2015. And then, watch for their video response here on Born to Learn blog on April 9 and see whose questions got answers.


    To participate, you need to have a profile set up on Born to Learn. You can use your MC ID email address or your Microsoft Virtual Academy login. (If you’ve participated in certification challenge or KiPi, you already have a profile.)


    Learn more about our featured guests in this first installment of MCP Insider, check out their blogs:


    See you in the forum soon!


    Patrick Thomas

    MCP Program Manager


  • Hello MCPs! 

    I am pleased to announce another new offer for MCPs – free eBooks! 

    Take and pass a qualifying MCP exam between March 24, 2015 and June 30, 2015 and earn a free Microsoft eBook!  If you pass an exam, expect an email within 3 weeks containing an eBook rewards code. Only one eBook will be given regardless of the number of exams taken and while supplies last. 

    EBooks codes can be redeemed by visiting the Microsoft Press Store. MCPs will either login with an existing account or create a new account on the site before they can begin the redemption process. Codes are automatically generated and distributed. EBooks can be viewed and downloaded onto a maximum of 6 devices. EBooks can be viewed on any computer, iPad, Kindle 2 or any other device that supports PDFs, ePUBS or MOBI files. 

    Pat Thomas 
    MCP Program Manager 

    Terms and Conditions – Pass a qualifying MCP exam and earn a free eBook

    Take and pass any qualifying Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam, and receive a code for a free MS Press eBook. This offer is available for MCPs worldwide (except South Korea). See additional terms and conditions below.

    What exams are included in this offer?

    All Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Specialist certification exams are eligible. Microsoft Dynamics exams are also eligible. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams do not qualify for this promotion.

    How do I get my free eBook?  

    When you pass a qualifying MCP exam between March 24, 2015 and June 30, 2015 and you opt-in to receive promotional communications from Microsoft, you will receive a code which can be redeemed for one free eBook. EBooks codes will be sent by email 4-6 weeks following exam completion. Limit one free eBook per person. To schedule your exam, sign in with your Microsoft account, select a qualifying exam from the exam list, and click Schedule exam.

    Frequently asked questions 

    1. How do I redeem my free eBook code?
      You will receive a code that can be redeemed in the Microsoft Press Store for one randomly-selected digital book. Each code corresponds to a specific title assigned at random.

    2. How many free eBooks can I receive?
      The offer is limited to one free eBook code per person. Code redemptions are subject to Microsoft Press Store terms of use.

    3. Which exams qualify?
      All of the exams in our MCSA, MCSE, MCSD, and Microsoft Specialist certifications are eligible for this offer. Microsoft Dynamics exams are also eligible.

    4. How do I opt in to receive promotional communications from Microsoft?
      Sign in to your Microsoft Learning benefits and exams dashboard, and then select Account Settings from the Account menu in the upper right corner of the page. Select My contact preferences from the Manage communications menu, and check the “E-Mail Address” box in the left column. Be sure you click “save” to record your preferences.

    5. How can I redeem my eBook reward?  
      To redeem your eBook using the code please go to www.microsoftpressstore.com.  You will log in with your account information for the microsoftpressstore.com site, or create a new account. Once you have logged in or created your new account you will enter the code in the Digital Product Voucher box on the account page. It will appear when you click the link under the Digital Product Voucher header on the right side of the account page.  Once you successfully input the code, the title will be added to the account and available for download.  The download will be available immediately via your account in a watermarked version.

    6. Is this a worldwide offer?
      It is available to MCPs in all regions except for South Korea. An individual who passes a qualifying MCP exam can expect to receive an eBooks rewards code through email 4-6 weeks after passing the exam.

    7. Who do I contact if I haven’t received an email with my eBooks code?
      If you passed a qualifying exam between March 24, 2015 and June 30, 2015, you have opted in for promotional communications, and it has been more than 6 weeks since you passed a qualifying exam, please contact Microsoft Press Store support.

    8. What devices can be used to view eBooks?  
      EBooks can be viewed and downloaded on 6 devices maximum. These eBook files can be viewed on any computer, iPad, Kindle 2 or any other device that contains programs for viewing PDFs, ePUBs or MOBI files. EBooks are watermarked and should not be shared.

    9. Are eBooks available in other languages?
      No, eBooks are only available in English.

    10. Do you want to learn more about EBooks?
      Learn about downloading eBooks and much more on our eBook FAQ page.

    11. Do you need help picking which eBook format is right for your reading app or device?
      Check out our eBook formats page

    Additional terms and conditions

    • You must be 18 years or older to participate.
    • Offer good only to the first 20,000 MCPs who pass a qualifying MCP exam between March 24, 2015 and June 30, 2015 and who opt in to receive promotional communications from Microsoft, while supplies last. 
    • Limited to one (1) free e-Book code per email address.
    • EBook code can only be redeemed for one randomly selected e-Book title from the Microsoft Press Store.
    • Code may only be used once.
    • Code may not be used for any other offering than the specified offer.
    • Code will expire on June 30th 2016. . 
    • Code cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or refund and any resale of code is expressly prohibited.

    Expired, stolen or lost codes will not be replaced.

    • Microsoft is not responsible for lost or stolen eBook codes.
    • The eBook code will be sent the email address associated with your Microsoft Certification ID (MC ID).  Any code returned as non-deliverable will not be resent.
    • EBook codes are subjected to the Microsoft Press Store terms of use. You must provide your code to redeem your free e-Book title.
    • This offer is valid while supplies last. Offer good only to the first 20,000 MCPs.
    • The eBook offer is non-transferrable and cannot be combined with other offers.
    • Microsoft is not responsible for lost or stolen codes.
    • Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient.
    • All exams are subject to compliance with the Microsoft Certification exam policies.
    • An individual may change their exam appointment as late as (but no later than) 24 hours before their scheduled appointment, provided the exam is taken prior to the offer expiration.
    • Due to government gift and ethics laws, government employees (including military and employees of public education institutions) are not eligible to participate.
    • Microsoft reserves the right to cancel, change, or suspend this offer at any time without notice.

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    The first time I saw a picture of Telmo Sampaio, I was sitting down in Veronica Sopher’s office. As I glanced towards the back wall, I saw a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) ambassador poster from a past event (I don’t remember which one), and just for kicks I tried to name the people I recognized. I knew a fair amount of them having been to several Microsoft events that were heavily attended by MCTs, but of course, there were some I didn’t recognize. Veronica then helped me put names to the faces I didn’t know, and she said to me, “You don’t know Telmo? You should go talk to him. He actually works at the main Microsoft campus in Redmond now.” 

    As I’ve said in past posts, one of the most common questions I receive from the Microsoft Learning community is, “How can I get a job at Microsoft?” As I sat there in Veronica’s office, I thought going and talking with Telmo was a perfect opportunity to get the answer to this question as he went from being Microsoft Certified to a full-time employee in Redmond. I contacted him, set up a time to meet, and of course, I brought my small video camera.

    In this short video, I talk to Telmo about a few topics, including: 

    • His role and responsibilities at Microsoft.
    • His history as an MCT and how he got it after dropping out of college.
    • How he ended up working at Microsoft in Redmond after being an MCT.
    • His top tip for those with Microsoft Certifications looking to get a job at Microsoft.


  • About a year ago, I was talking with Veronica Sopher about writing a blog post for Born To Learn. During the conversation, I mentioned that I had never finished college. She then asked a question that would change my life, “Have you looked into whether your certifications would count towards college credits?” Thus began a truly difficult and rewarding journey, which you can follow in these Born To Learn blog posts.

    To follow up on those posts, I was able to pass my web development college courses, but have not yet taken any of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) exams to pick up the certification. Fortunately, I am attending Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago, which includes great exam prep sessions and half-price exams.

    So, here I am a year later and only eight classes away from reaching my goal. While most of the IT courses seemed simple, not all the courses have been easy—specifically my English class. I was required to write a research paper and it took a long time to finally come up with the topic of Net neutrality. There were several times during the research and writing process that I thought about giving up, especially when my course mentor had me rewrite the paper a second time. But, once I finally finished that class I knew I had overcome my biggest hurdle, which was my own lack of confidence.

    I know I still have some big challenges to finish, but a year from now instead of saying “I wish I had.” I will be able to say “I’m glad I did.” Whether it is college or working on Microsoft Certifications, the biggest hurdle is believing you can achieve your goal. Have the confidence to keep learning, keep improving, and keep challenging yourself.

    And if you are attending Microsoft Ignite and pass an exam, stop by the MCP Party on May 5, 2015, at the Museum of Science and Industry. I’ll be there, and I definitely will not be studying anything.

  • I hope you’ll indulge me showing my age a bit to start this blog post. I remember the release of Netscape Navigator 4.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. There was quite a bit of hype behind those browsers, as people were predicting you wouldn’t need an operating system any longer, just a browser. Obviously that hasn’t been realized.

    However, browsers have become more capable. Implementations have become more standards based. And we, as developers, have access to more power and frameworks than ever before.

    While the browser won’t be replacing the OS anytime soon, you can absolutely build apps that behave like they’re locally installed, hosted in the browser. This is the concept of a single page app, or SPA.

    An SPA offers several advantages to the web developer. They can often[1] achieve the goal of “write once, run anywhere”, using tools such as jQuery, AngularJSSignalR, and Bootstrap. All of those client-side frameworks are built using languages web developers are already familiar with – JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. And the server-side can be implemented using whatever technology you’re already using, as you can create HTTP or REST services using ASP.NET Web API and MVC, PHP, and Python Django.

    I often have developers ask when they should us an SPA, as opposed to a “traditional” website with MVC. The answer is based on what you’re trying to accomplish. SPAs are perfect when you’re trying to simulate a locally installed application. Ride sharing, location sharing, and games are perfect for SPAs. Traditional websites are perfect for sharing information with the public, for ecommerce or other businesses.

    One challenge SPAs present is search engine optimization (SEO). Traditional websites are handled very well by web crawlers, which makes SEO more straight forward. Because web crawlers don’t execute JavaScript, SEO with SPAs becomes a challenge. But there are times when SEO isn’t key. If you already have an established brand, or or scenarios where someone simply finding your app but not the actual data served up by it, then SEO isn’t as important.

    But one big thing to keep in mind is that SPA and traditional websites are not mutually exclusive. You could, for example, build an ecommerce site using MVC, and then implement the shopping card UI, both adding items and completing checkout, as an SPA.

    If you’re ready to begin the journey into building SPAs, we have several MVAs that can support you.

    A great starting point is with Building responsive UI with Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a framework developed by Twitter to be mobile-first, and it simplifies the creation of apps that can scale to different device sizes. It also includes the timeless humor of me and Jon Galloway. And by timeless, I of course mean corny.

    The next step is to explore the client side technology. Introduction to AngularJS, Stacey Mulcahy and I will walkthrough one of the most popular frameworks for creating SPAs.

    Finally, you need a server to provide the data. In Web API Design Jump Start, Jeremy Likness and I show you how to expose JSON data to clients using an environment you’re already familiar with as a .NET developer.

    For extra credit, you can complete the app by allowing two-way client-to-server communication. Jon Galloway and Brady Gaster show you how to how to Light up real-time communications with SignalR.

    SPAs can provide that rich user experience across all devices without having to learn a lot of new platforms. With a bit of experience in a couple of new frameworks, you too can meet your users’ needs.

    [1] Admittedly, not always

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    Hello Australian MCTs!


    The Australian MCT Summit will be held on the 8th and 9th of April at Microsoft’s office in Sydney. The summit is a chance to interact with other Microsoft Certified Trainers as well as Microsoft Australia staff. The summit also provides a chance for us to review the Microsoft technology landscape, the initiatives around cloud and much more – all of which will be relevant to the training you will be delivering in the near future. This year’s Summit will include attendance from Australian Learning Partners and Microsoft’s technology evangelists.


    Topics to be covered

    • Microsoft Learning Visions & MCT Programs

    • Windows 10

    • The Future of Windows Server

    • The Power of the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

    • Skype for Business




    Microsoft Sydney Office

    1 Epping Rd

    North Ryde, New South Wales 2113


    Time and Date:

                    Start time: 9.00am on 8 April 2015

                    End time: 5:00pm on 9 April 2015


    Register at



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    Hey fellow KiPi rock stars!  

    I hope you're all starting to recover from the epic February we just had. I've been super impressed with those of you who have continued to drive towards finishing your KiPi learning challenges and want to urge you to continue (see below for an extra cool incentive on that!) to do so before we hit March 25 and the site goes dark.

    I've got a bunch of news for you and it's all good. Make sure you read all of this or you might miss out on something extra juicy.

    KiPi icons in Born to Learn

    You should find that you now have an icon in your Born to Learn profile for every f you've completed. They're all bright green to indicate you were successful. Here's my profile with the gorgeous Game Development challenge lit up.

    Isn't it pretty? I think so! Now it's important to note where these are as you'll soon find out. You'll find your profile at Born to Learn, then sign in with your Microsoft Account that you used to participate in KiPi, then click your name up the top of the page and you should see your profile page. If you've only just completed a challenge and the icon's not there, don't worry! We're doing daily updates during the week, so just give it 24 hours and you should see it there.

    Know it. Prove it. Certification Challenge is Live!

    Now, you might notice another icon next to my Game Development challenge. Yeah, that one that looks like a medal. That shows that I'm participating in the Know it. Prove it. Certification Challenge!

    The KiPi Cert Challenge is an epic journey to validate your skills by getting a Microsoft Certification. These are highly regarded in the industry by employers all over the place, and we're seeing an increased value put on certifications when recruiters review job applications. We've created a VIP area complete with study guides, exam prep videos and study groups so you can get help in preparing for the exam you choose. And if you're a KiPi Learning Challenge participant, we've got you already in the system and you can just click the green "Go straight to the challenge" button.

    AND, not only that, we've given you the certifications we think you have the best jump start on with your KiPi learning experience. For each of the eight challenges, we've identified one or two different certifications you could choose from. Check it all out and join me on the journey to prove what I know - the KiPi Cert Challenge.

    Know it. Prove it. Completion Certificates are coming!

    We heard you loud and clear. You love your certificates of completion for the individual MVA courses that you finished as part of your challenge but what would be even better would be a certificate showing that you completed an entire challenge. So, guess what we're bringing to your MVA dashboard soon! Yep, that's right. We're going to deliver completion certificates to your dashboard for you to download, print and show off to your boss, your peers, your friends, your teacher. Show them just how committed you were to improving your knowledge around technology.

    I can't tell you exactly when these will arrive, but I can commit to you that they are on their way, and I will definitely let you all know when they're available.

    Know it. Prove it. Learning Challenges - Build and Ignite

    Yes! I am proud to announce that we will be reopening the Know it. Prove it. tour in April with a special edition all around our two premier technology conferences - Build 2015 in San Francisco, and Ignite 2015 in Chicago. These two giant tech-head meetups are going to be epic this year, and we here at Microsoft Virtual Academy, Born to Learn and, of course, KiPi HQ, want to be part of that buzz. So, in April, we're going to have special challenges for both conferences that you can take part in and get a taste of tech. If you're actually going to one of these conferences (wow, lucky you!), you can use these as prep work to get excited about the actual in-person experience you're about to take part in, but if not, these challenges are an extra avenue for you to continue to skill up.

    More details are coming soon, but I've been biting my lip for a couple of weeks now and couldn't wait to tell you all.

    And yes, I will indeed be at Build, so if you're there, please come say hi and tell me your KiPi story directly.

    Wanna go to Build 2015?

    Speaking of Build, anyone want to go? Microsoft is giving away a small number of tickets to Build and the way to enter is easy. Simply complete a Know it. Prove it. development challenge (that's Cloud Development, Game Development, Mobile Development or Web Development), tweet it using the right hashtag and mention the right Twitter handle, and you go in the draw to win. I'll write up a separate post just on this great contest as soon as the competition page goes live next week, but I wanted you all to have a chance to know about it as soon as possible so you could continue to drive to complete a challenge if you haven't done so already.

    And yes, this will be open to anyone who has completed a challenge for February right up through to March 25.

    WOW! I hope you got through all of that! See you soon!

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals represent one of the largest and most important communities among Microsoft conference attendees. There will be thousands of MCPs at Ignite 2015. Are you one of them? If so, pencil in “MCP party” on your calendar.


    Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

    Time: 7-10 PM

    Place: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago


    And the crowd goes wild! Cool


    Oh yes. There will be food, drinks, exhibits, photo ops, and a certifiably good time. This MCP party will be larger than ever, but party passes are still required for entry (and I hear Kenji and Patrick are tough bouncers). How to get a pass? Stay tuned for details in April.


    Not an MCP yet? Pass an exam by Tuesday, May 5, 2015, and you could also be rubbing elbows with the most certified crowd at Ignite 2015! (Pssst, MCP exams are half price onsite.)


    Fair warning: If you hold a legacy certification on a really old version of Microsoft product, I reserve the right to make fun of it publicly. So, consider getting yourself upgraded or take a current exam, eh? Wink See you in Chicago soon!



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    Updated with new responses below. 

    Everyone’s journey to Microsoft Certification is a little bit different.

    Okay, now that I think about it, this is a huge understatement. That’s because I often speak to certified professionals from all over the world about why they first got certified and what I find is everyone’s story is completely different. Some people tell me they get certified because they wanted a way to validate their skills to hiring managers, and others first got certified because they wanted to challenge themselves. Still others chose to pursue a Microsoft Certification because they were making a career change and needed a way to show what they know.

    As the community manager at Microsoft Learning Experiences (LeX), one of the best parts of my job is interacting with people from all over the world on our social media channels and getting to hear your voices in real-time, even though you may actually be thousands of miles away. It's fun and I love it. 

    This past weekend, I wanted to read more of your certification stories so I decided to tweet this out from @MSLearning: 

    I received a lot of really great responses, and today I wanted to share some of them with you. Here are some of my favorites:

    Thank you to everyone who responded to our tweet! 

    Want to share the reason you first got Microsoft Certified? Let us know on our MCP Story Wall


    Original tweets from @brigittagemes@shadabhusain786@MarcussenThomas@spsnomad and @giraygencaslan.


    After sharing this post out, a few more of you shared with me why you first got Microsoft Certified and I wanted to share them:

    Original tweets from @SanderHeinhuis@kbriankelley, @StevenMunden and @ExcelMaestro

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    Today, Microsoft announced an exciting new initiative with edX, a leader in the online learning movement called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).  Microsoft is the first corporate member to offer MOOCs on edX.org, supporting our shared goal of increased access to high-quality education for anyone, anywhere, at any time.  We believe access to learning opportunities for key technology skills will empower edX’s broad global community to be successful in the world enabled by mobile and cloud technologies.

    Today, an estimated 10 billion devices are connected to the Internet.   It is estimated that by 2030, the number of internet-connected devices will triple to nearly 30 billion. The ‘Internet of Things’ will prevail, with more types of devices at work and home sharing information and connecting people.  We must prepare our students to live and work in this device-centric, data-driven world, where the global workforce depends on technology-skilled graduates across all career fields and vocations. 

    Through our edX courses, taught by Microsoft experts, students will be empowered to build innovative applications, services, and experiences on the Microsoft platform that will help them make a meaningful impact in today’s interconnected world. Our courses provide hands-on experience with broad reach, cutting-edge technologies in areas including cloud services, mobile development, and data sciences in order to bring the learner the greatest opportunity to gain relevant and marketable skills. 

    The first round of courses chosen for this program are focused on the most widely applicable, in-demand technical skills and feature interactive coding, assessments, and exercises.  Students can audit Microsoft courses for free, or alternatively obtain a verified certificate from edX for a small fee. Enrollment opens today, with courses beginning at the end of March.

    The Microsoft courses include:

    • Programming with C#

    C# is a widely-used .NET programming language that is designed to provide a simple yet powerful language for general purpose programming needs. Students will learn the fundamentals of C# supporting cross-platform application development.

    • Introduction to TypeScript

    TypeScript is a new highly-productive superset of JavaScript that is rapidly gaining currency amongst developers who build and maintain large JavaScript applications. In this course, co-authored by Anders Hejlsberg, students will learn language syntax and how to use TypeScript to generate JavaScript for any platform.

    • Introduction to Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is a mobile-first web UI framework originally developed at Twitter that has become a foundational technology for front-end web development. This course will investigate the power of Bootstrap and how to implement it in applications.

    • Querying with Transact SQL

    Transact-SQL is the structured query language for SQL Server. This course will show how to use Transact-SQL to code a range of solutions, ranging from retrieving data from a SQL Server database to implementing transactional programming logic.

    • Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

    This course takes a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure.  Students will learn the latest tools and technologies in cloud development and study the techniques for cloud-based application design.

    • Introduction to Office 365 APIs

    Office 365 offers the tools users need to get work done anywhere and on any device. In this course, developers will learn how to create robust cross-platform applications using Office 365.

    • Windows PowerShell Fundamentals

    This course provides fundamental knowledge and skills needed to use Windows PowerShell to automate common administrative functions in Windows-based clients and servers. Students will get hands-on practice to replace manual, repetitive, and time-consuming operations with effective, automated solutions in both local and remote scenarios. This course is offered as part of the edX Professional Education series and has a fee associated with it.

    This new initiative expands upon our recent collaboration with edX and Microsoft Office Mix, where educators can produce videos and online lectures that deliver an engaging experience to students, with support for audio and video recordings, screen captures, hyperlinks, and digital ink. 

    We hope this program will enable many more students around the world to acquire the critical technical skills needed to be competitive and successful in our mobile-first, cloud-first world.  Most of all, we are excited to offer these learning opportunities so any student can accomplish their goals and realize their potential. 

    Please visit https://www.edx.org/school/microsoft for more information and resources.