QOTD: "Where do I find C# certification information?"

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

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On 03/17/13, D wrote: 
Hej Veronica 
Right now in my career I want to get back to work in microsoft enivorments so i started learning C# developing. Just finished the mircosoft course "Course 20483B: Programming in C#" in Sweden where i live but I find it hard to find certification information for this specifik course. If i got it right Programming in C# Specialist is the right certification to take after this course ? 
Where can i find examples of this certitication and how it cold look like? simply examples and more info about the certification? 
I tried with 
https://www.prometric.com/en-us/Pages/home.aspx but found nothing 
Thanks in advance 


Hi D, 

By taking exam 70-483, you can earn "Programming in C# Specialist" certification. See
http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/visual-studio-certification.aspx . You can then go on to take exams 70-484 and 70-485 to earn your MCSD. See http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/mcsd-windows-store-apps-certification.aspx 

We are also rolling out the developer certification study group online. You're welcome to ask questions in the forums. 

Hope this helps! 


  • Alejandro Costantino
    | |

    Hi Veronica, hru?

    I was studying for the exam 70-513 (www.microsoft.com/.../exam.aspx). It is "MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications".

    I would like to know if it is being retired on july this year, because some time ago, before of updating the new look of certification site there was a note that this exam was going to be retired on that date and now the note is not present.

    Besides, I do not find any new exam that take this topic into account.

    Could you confirm me that it is not being retired at least this year?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Colin Lyth MSFT
    | |

    Alejandro no 70-513 is not retiring this year (2013) and we have not set a new retirement date. When we set a retirement date, we try to provide at least 6 months notice.

  • Alejandro Costantino
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    Thank you very much!