Geek Fashion: Backpacks Are Trendy

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

Happy weekend, everyone!

Most of our conversations on Born to Learn are about technology and certification, but we all geek out over many other things in our everyday lives. Having spent 13 years in the jewelry business, I still pay attention to events such as fashion week and entertainment award shows out of habit, even though my own approach to fashion is "easy care, please."

During the recent New York Fashion Week, when top designers showed off their upcoming 2012 fall/winter collections, I noticed quite a few backpacks on the runway. GQ picked up on this microtrend, too, which reminded me of a recent poll in the TechEd N.A. LinkedIn group. Based on the results, 48% of geeks prefer backpacks (even better when full of swags), followed by messenger bags at 34%. So, as it turns out, you and your backpacks are ahead of fashion trends.

What's your current satchel of choice? Backpack, messenger, tote, briefcase, roller, or? Leave a comment and let us know!


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  • Andrew Bettany (Regional Lead - UK)
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    I just picked up a nice Weird Fish satchel in blue denim.  It has a padded compartment for either my laptop (or diapers if I have Tommy with me), and it was hugely discounted as it was end of range.  Not sure if I am proud to have a "man bag" or not, but it is practical....

  • Bob Simms - MCT
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    I've noticed a big increase in manbags on the train in the last 6 months on the 07:24 to Cannon Street.

    I have a huge back pack because a) I cycle to the station and b) I need an insane number of manuals when I train courses.  I have about 5 swag bags (MCT, TechEd, SQL 2008) and they are one of my favourite swag items.

    I know.  Getting a life is on my todo list

  • tangurena
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    Yeah, a backpack to hold the laptop and other things is great, but I managed to tear my rotator cup last month with an overloaded backpack, so there goes my pitching career.