Since the kickoff of our 20th anniversary celebration on January 31, responses and support have been overwhelming positive. Thanks to everyone who have taken action and helped us spread the word during the first two weeks of 20 Years | 20 Ways. We started the year-long party by presenting three ways our community can help and inspire new IT professionals around the world. Through way #1, many of you have made the commitment to upgrade your IT skills by registering for your next exams. In fact, over 1,400 qualifying exam vouchers were purchased during the first week! For every one of those exams purchased, Microsoft will be donate an entry-level exams to help an aspiring IT pro get started with his/her career and dreams. (Details here.)

And the party keeps getting bigger! If you're a frequent visitor on Born to Learn, you've probably read, owned, or maybe even written a few Microsoft Press books over the years. To help us celebrate, the wonderful people at Microsoft Press brought 5,000 gifts! Gift Now, in addition to an entry-level exam voucher, each recipient of donated exams will also get an ebook "

Start Here! Fundamentals of Microsoft .NET Programming." Thank you, MS Press!

For those who are active on the social web, please also give them a like/follow + shout-out on Microsoft Press Facebook page and Twitter.

Need a book to study for your next exam? You can also find daily deals from MS Press via the learning resources section on MS Learning's Facebook page.