Update on Saturday, January 14, 2012

“If you want to do something big in your life, you must remember that shyness is only the mind." ~ Arfa Karim Randhawa, 1995-2012.

Dear Born to Learn community:

I was sad to learn, via Twitter, earlier this morning that Arfa passed away. While mourning the departure of such a bright young mind, we offer our deepest sympathy to Afra's family, friends, and her country Pakistan for the loss of their pride and joy.

I came across this video of Arfa singing during a TV interview back in April 2011. Hope you find comfort in her song.



News Pakistan article on Arfa's passing

Blog post on Geekwire, where Todd Bishop shared Arfa's life philosophy.

Photo of Arfa's funeral in Pakistan, from MSNBC

The Huffington Post wrote about Arfa's passing + a video

ZDNet also published a nice writeup on the 16th

Also on the Business Insider




On December 30, we got some sad news about 16-year-old Arfa Karim Randhawa, a programming prodigy from Pakistan. Arfa had suffered an epileptic seizure and doctors feared the worst. Her story is especially close to the heart of the Microsoft Learning community. Arfa earned her Microsoft Certified Professional title at the age of 9, and visited our campus in 2005 to meet with Bill Gates. She has been working hard in school toward her dream: to study computer science at MIT. Her exceptional achievements at a young age has been an inspiration to us and young people worldwide. When the news of her critical condition was posted, many of you offered well wishes and prayers via Facebook and Twitter.

Today, we're happy to bring you this update: with the additional assistance of neurogurgeons and experts from other countries, doctors are now hopeful about activating Arfa's brain and she will survive. Thank you for continuing to send good thoughts to Arfa and her family. We wish her a full and speedy recovery.

If you'd like to read about Arfa's visit in July 2005, Microsoft's CVP, S. Somasegar blogged about his interactions with her, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer wrote a nice article as well.


Photo credit: Tood Bishop of GeekWire