Now that you’ve learned the basics of ASP.NET Core and you’ve built a website, you’re ready to dive into intermediate concepts and build an app! In “ASP.NET Core – Intermediate,” jump from student to professional scenarios. A team of experts, including Maria Naggaga, Jeff Fritz, Scott Hanselman, and Jon Galloway go beyond the basics from the ASP.NET Core – Beginner course, and explore login, authentication, authorization, security, and more.  

Learn about policies, which align with standard security practices. Find out how it’s now easier to integrate with Facebook and other social logons. Two-factor authentication, as you know, is a big deal from a security perspective, and it’s in the box, so you don’t have to go find the extra code. See how authentication is much less of a steep curve.

Wondering about some of most exciting information in this course? Don’t miss the module on Tag Helpers, which make your job more straightforward and make it easier for you to write lightweight, HTML-like markup. See how to write your own, and take a look at third-party Tag Helpers.

Listen to Jeff and Jon get into the details on Tag Helpers:

Plus, in the Web API module, learn all about Swagger—a standard way to communicate between APIs and clients—which makes your APIs self-documenting and brings with it the tremendous community that invented Swashbuckle. Create your own Web API, and build a client that integrates nicely, does some validation for you, and helps to shape your data before you even call a Swagger-enabled endpoint.

Watch now!

Wrap up the course using Docker in a Linux OS on a Windows machine, look at publishing and deployment, and much more, as you skill up for the ASP.NET Core – Advanced course.