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Check out the new MVA site design!

Matthew Calder (MVA)

How do you like the new home page? Have you tried the new player yet? Did you try it on your phone? We’ve been working hard to make it easier to find courses, to help you stay engaged with course material, and to improve our mobile experience. And the changes you see today are just the first wave of several you’ll see over the coming months, so stay tuned!


For today, here’s what you can expect from the new site:


Simpler site navigation

So you don’t have to scan through long lists of course categories, the home page now features three tabs tuned to key topics, which are based on whether you’re a Developer, IT Pro, or a Data Pro. Can’t find a specific topic? In the header, check out the Course drop-down menu for a full list.


With the “sticky” site header and footer, as you scroll through each page, you always have access to the search bar, the Course menu, and the forum and feedback links in the footer.


Responsive design for mobile devices

One thing we’ve heard over and over is that we need to deliver a better mobile experience. With the updated site, responsive design delivers an optimized experience based on how you are accessing the site, whether on a phone, a tablet, or a PC.


New course player

Enjoy the smooth learning experience! As we work to increase the range of training experiences we support, we’ve been thinking of the video player really more as a stage than just a rectangle for rendering video. This stage has the ability to seamlessly serve up videos, assessments, PDFs, and other files for you to download, helping you to concentrate on the courseware rather than on the navigation. As we migrate our catalog, over the course of the next week you’ll see more and more courses available on the new player.


To make the self-assessments more useful, you’ll now be able to go back and review the questions after you successfully complete one.


And, best of all, the player now remembers where you left off in a video, no matter which device you last used. Did you start to watch a course on your phone during your commute? When you sign in to continue watching on a PC, the video starts up right where you stopped watching.


New friction-free MVA trial experience

It used to be that, after you watched a few videos, you were asked to create an account before you could keep watching. But today, we are opening up our trial experience to include unlimited content viewing.


Nevertheless, being a member of the Microsoft Virtual Academy community still has distinct advantages. Going forward, you will be prompted to register on MVA when you attempt one of these features, which are exclusive to MVA members:

  • Manage your learning plans.

  • Attend a live Jump Start.

  • Track your progress.

  • Take a self-assessment.

  • Ask questions in forums.


Did we make it easier to skill up? Tell us!

We’re very excited about these updates to the site and hope you are too! Help us continue to improve. Try out the new updates, let us know what you think, and tell us what else you would like to see as part of the MVA experience!


Give us your thoughts in the MVA site feedback forum.


Happy learning!

  • Daniel yeah
    | |

    I am testing it right now... it looks awesome. :) congrats!

  • Justin Horner
    | |

    I'm loving the new design. Great work team! \m/

  • Eray
    | |

    Please make a link between mva to virtual labs. One good idea is after each course to have additional stage where related virtual labs are available which gives more points to users and also can be added for re-certification thru MVA.

  • Holger Sinn
    | |

    i like it very much.

    + better navigation overview and loading time

    + stylish

    - None

  • Alex Q.O
    | |

    It's better than the other, definitely!

  • Matthew Calder (MVA)
    | |

    Eray, thanks for that feedback. We are working to include labs where we can, but I agree we can get better. Interesting to consider them in the context of re-certification.

  • Sergio Parra
    | |


  • Shebet Jura
    | |

    Thank you Friends and Colleagues!!!!But I know still I have problems not only with login to account but also to work and study in our Academy!!!!No longer open dashboard and the panel works!!!Can't take anymore and probably won't be able to get a transcript of their achievements, and courses completed!!!!What good dogda to learn???Please pardon my frustration but I've already lost all hope of a normal study in Academy!!!!Thank you for thinking of me with respect Jura Shebet!!!