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ASP.NET Core – Advanced

Matthew Calder (MVA)

If you’re currently working in ASP.NET Core, developing professionally, running in production, and deploying your applications, and you’re looking to manage your work and team more productively, don’t miss the “ASP.NET Core – Advanced” course, which builds on the concepts and training in ASP.NET Core – Beginner and ASP.NET Core – Intermediate.

The expert team of Jon Galloway and Jeff Fritz returns to explore some of the common real-world questions and issues facing existing ASP.NET Core customers, including how to build custom middleware, use advanced configuration, and work with multiple environments—all key productivity boosters.

Wondering about the different ways you can configure your application—control how it starts and how it runs, and access those configuration settings from different places in your app? Start with a sample application, and check out the details, with Jeff and Jon:

From there, look at options that are activated in development only, review changing environments, explore the importance of globalization and localization, alternate startup files and alternate configuration names, and view components. Don’t miss it!

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