You already know that Cortana is more than just a personal digital assistant to help you track your appointments and play music, across platforms like Windows 10, Android, and iOS. She can also help you be more productive—at work or at play and beyond. And Cortana’s abilities increase and improve over time. There’s an exciting new wave of Azure developers who are making this happen. Be part of the wave, check out the Cortana Skills Kit, and see how it enables you to build intelligent, interesting, conversational experiences on top of Cortana’s existing knowledge.

In our new MVA course, “Getting Started with Cortana Skills,” get an up-close look, with expert Dorrene Brown. Start with an overview of the Cortana Skills Kit, and then build your own first skill. Find out how to have conversations with your users, and step through this series of tools to help you build, deploy, and share new Cortana skills. Take a look at some of the cool skills that third parties have made with Cortana, along with endpoints that you can build to create a new skill. And get the details on Cognitive Services and LUIS to help improve the experience. Check out the video below where Dorrene talks about how to create conversations. 


Ready to create a skill from scratch with Azure and to share it with your users? Learn about the tools and technologies to make the process easier.

How about a sneak peek at new features to help you build engaging skills? Some, like the Knowledge Graph Exchange, are so new they’re not even in the course! Knowledge Graph Exchange “enables developers to use prebuilt modules (called botlets) that encapsulate data, language understanding, and logic during the skill creation process.” Take a look at this blog post from December 2017 on the latest new features for Cortana skills developers.  

And be sure to join Dorrene to explore the basics and to build, personalize, share, and publish your Cortana skill.

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