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Get Your Questions About Open Source Software Answered Live September 3 and 4

Matthew Calder (MVA)

Lots of us have questions about open source, so we went straight to the experts for answers. Join the Richard Campbell, of .NET Rocks! fame as he interviews top open source experts, including Ross Gardler, President of The Apache Software Foundation. Richard asks questions like:

  • What is open source, anyway, and what’s so great about it?

  • How will the craft of software engineering change?

  • How do distributed teams play into open source culture?

  • How do I build a community for my project?

  • What does OSS mean for Azure?

Watch this lively set of interviews, bring questions for a live Q&A, and leave with lots of answers and new insights!

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • An Introduction: What's so great about OSS? (Ross Gardler)

  • Grokking OSS Culture (Phil Haack)

  • Working the Open Source Way (Keith Dahlby)

Day 2:

  • Legal Concerns (Cliff Allen)

  • The History of ASP.NET and Open Source (Scott Hunter)

  • .NET and Open Source (Jay Schmelzer)

  • Microsoft Open Tech (Gianugo Rabellino)


Open Source Questions Answered

Date:  September 3 & 4, 2014
Time: 9am‒12pm
Where: Online virtual classroom
Cost: Free!

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  • mrpaulb
    | |

    Didn't manage to catch much of this one live, but I did go through the recordings and found it interesting and well put together. Thanks to all involved.