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  • Lots of us have questions about open source, so we went straight to the experts for answers. Join the Richard Campbell, of .NET Rocks! fame as he interviews top open source experts, including Ross Gardler, President of The Apache Software Foundation. Richard asks questions like:

    • What is open source, anyway, and what’s so great about it?

    • How will the craft of software engineering change?

    • How do distributed teams play into open source culture?

    • How do I build a community for my project?

    • What does OSS mean for Azure?

    Watch this lively set of interviews, bring questions for a live Q&A, and leave with lots of answers and new insights!

    Course Outline

    Day 1:

    • An Introduction: What's so great about OSS? (Ross Gardler)

    • Grokking OSS Culture (Phil Haack)

    • Working the Open Source Way (Keith Dahlby)

    Day 2:

    • Legal Concerns (Cliff Allen)

    • The History of ASP.NET and Open Source (Scott Hunter)

    • .NET and Open Source (Jay Schmelzer)

    • Microsoft Open Tech (Gianugo Rabellino)


    Open Source Questions Answered

    Date:  September 3 & 4, 2014
    Time: 9am‒12pm
    Where: Online virtual classroom
    Cost: Free!

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  • You know that time is running out, and end of support for Windows Server 2003 is just a few months away. And, although you know that it’s time to modernize your data center and upgrade your existing infrastructure to Windows Server 2012 R2, breaking up is hard to do. Difficult conversations and unknown risks are intimidating, and considering your new options isn’t always easy.

    We can help! Check out this list of resources to help you get started on upgrading your infrastructure before the end of support in July 2015.

    Getting Started: Plan Your Migration

    1. Windows Server 2003 End of Support Migration Overview

    Watch this MVA course (53 minutes) to learn the details about Windows Server 2003 end of extended support, along with the options, best practices, and tools for migration. After an overview of the process options, learn about considerations when moving apps versus machines, methodology around the process, and how to migrate with AppZero. The course also covers app compatibility statements, vendor supportability, and AppZero usage requirements.

    2. Migration Planning Assistant

    This tool allows you to outline your entire infrastructure and then get a tailored look at what you need to migrate and how to leverage the cloud to make your network stronger than ever. In a four-step process, the assistant helps you to analyze your Windows Server 2003 workloads and to generate a summary report showing recommendations and relevant Microsoft Partner offerings.

    3. Windows Server 2003 End of Life (EOL) Migration: Planning for Your Workloads

    Migrations can be complicated. But, unlike in the days of old, today there are numerous options for your destination. In this Channel 9 video (1 hour, 8 minutes) recorded at TechEd North America 2014, get an organized and systematic view of migration strategies and possible destinations. Learn about the tools and available offers, plus a decision tree methodology that provides you with the ability to easily target at-risk workloads and applications. Identify a clear migration path to help you beat the EOL clock!

    4. TechNet Evaluation Center Tech Journey

    Explore a personalized learning path to see how modernizing your data center allows you to meet today’s business challenges and can enable you to increase resilience and flexibility, simplify management, reduce cost, and speed the delivery of services to the business. Start the Tech Journey, “Modernize Your Datacenter Infrastructure,” and learn how to migrate to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure. Test drive the software through free evaluations and virtual hands-on labs.

    Migrating Your Infrastructure

    5. Migrating to Windows Server 2012 Training

    Windows Server 2012 is the most significant release of Windows Server to date, providing many options for upgrading and migrating that you can use to help ensure seamless transition to this new server platform from Windows Server 2003. This MVA course exposes you to migration tools and shows you how Windows Server 2012 can ease your transition, not merely in upgrading earlier versions of Windows Server, but also in helping to ensure that your key services can be migrated in an efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner.

    6. It’s the End of the World As You Know It… Windows Server 2003 End of Life: Infrastructure Migration

    In this Channel 9 video (1 hour, 17 minutes), dig into the process of migrating your infrastructure to the latest operating system. This demo-intensive session covers how to migrate various workloads and foundation services, like DHCP, DNS, File/Print, and more. And migration is just the beginning! The session also covers ongoing management. Like the song says, “It’s the end of the world as we know it,” but you’ll be fine.

    Exploring the Microsoft Cloud OS

    7. Windows Server Courses on MVA 

    This MVA Windows Server training consists of several courses and is designed to help you gain the skills needed to use Windows Server technology to power the next generation of cloud-optimized networks, applications, and web services. The courses cover virtualization features, efficient networking management, and new storage capabilities which can help organizations give workers access to data and information across varied networks and devices, while keeping costs down.

    8. Microsoft Azure Courses on MVA

    These MVA Microsoft Azure courses cover key technical topics, including Windows Azure Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, and platform as a service (PaaS) implementation for IT Pros, including using PowerShell for automation and management, using Active Directory, and migrating from on-premises to cloud infrastructure, in addition to important licensing information.

    9. Transform the Data Center Immersion V3

    Would you like to learn how the Microsoft Cloud OS vision can positively benefit the way your entire organization functions? Watch this MVA course, and investigate how the key tenets of Transforming the Modern Data Center can provide many benefits to enterprise IT today. The course walks you through the key steps and technologies for planning, deploying, and managing this type of environment.

    10. Server Infrastructure on MVA

    Watch these MVA server infrastructure courses to learn about the technologies and capabilities needed to run a highly efficient and modern data center, and see how it incorporates identity management, systems management, virtualization, storage, and networking.


  • Popular instructors Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo will be in our studios for two great courses for HTML and JavaScript developoers, kicking off on Tuesday August 26 with The Modern Web Platform and followed by 2 days of Developing Universal Windows Apps with HTML and JavaScript on August 27 and 28.

    The Modern Web Platform will provide get an informative introduction on the latest capabilities and features available in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This fast-paced primer on core platform technologies is perfect for beginners who want a quick ramp-up or for intermediate web developers who want to explore the foundation you need to create universal apps. Explore the basics you need to create websites, web apps, and even native Windows apps. Dive deep into modern web APIs and tour libraries you can use to build anything from the simplest to the most complex apps. And Microsoft experts demo the building blocks of the new environment, with practical tips and tricks.

    Course outline

    • Introduction and Primer

    • Layout and Styling

    • Transitions and Transforms

    • APIs

    • More APIs

    • JavaScript Libraries

    The Modern Web Platform Jump Start

    Date:  August 26, 2014
    Time: 9:00am–5:00pm
    Where: Live, online virtual classroom
    Cost: Free!

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    Then, if you want to build rich, native apps on a new and exciting platform, look no further than our 2 day course on Developing Universal Windows Apps with HTML and JavaScript . Get the details from Microsoft experts in this fast-paced, two-day course, complete with demos and a look at design considerations for screens from 4 to 40 inches! Get an introduction to universal apps, make tiles and splash screens, and learn how to bind data. In addition, find out how to build for a multilingual audience, work with authentication scenarios, see how to get your apps out to Windows devices and Windows Phones, and a ton more! Make the most of this opportunity to explore universal Windows apps with the experts!

    Course outline

    DAY 1:

    • Introduction to Universal Apps

    • App Lifecycle

    • Visual Assets and User Interaction

    • File Handling

    • Data

    • Networking and Web Services

    DAY 2:

    • Accessibility and Globalization

    • Hardware and Sensors

    • Custom Controls

    • Background Work

    • Managing User Info

    • Monetization, Packaging, and Publishing

    Developing Universal Windows Apps with HTML and JavaScript Jump Start

    Date:  August 27‒28, 2014
    Time: 9:00am–5:00pm
    Where: Live, online virtual classroom
    Cost: Free!

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  • If you’re considering an evaluation of Office 365 for your organization, learn how easy it is to sign up for and to set up a free trial. Walk through it with us, step by step, as Larry Kaye, a seasoned pro with no experience deploying or managing Office 365, steps into the role of a typical administrator starting out with Office 365. Explore key scenarios you can try for yourself, get some hands-on experience with this free trial, and work with basic setup and configuration of Microsoft Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint.

    This course steps you through Office 365 plan selection, initial user deployment, service configuration, real-time testing, and more. Set up your domain, try the new Outlook Web Access, and work with a SharePoint collaboration site. Be sure to bring your questions, and end the day with a complete Office 365 trial tenant, ready for further evaluation and experimentation!

    Course Outline

    • Understand Office 365 Applications and Services
    • Get Started with Office 365 Trial
    • Try Office 365 services and applications
    • Configure Optional Settings
    • Next Steps and Additional Resources


    Getting the Most out of Your Office 365 Trial

    Date:  August 26, 2014
    Time: 9am‒1pm
    Where: Live, online virtual classroom
    Cost: Free!

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  • If you’re interested in Web development, get ready for a ton of training and practical tips from MVA’s upcoming “Web Wednesdays” series. We’ll be kicking things off on August 27 with “Building Responsive UI with Bootstrap.”  We’ll show how to easily create webpages that work cross-platform and that scale well to different screen sizes; join us to explore this popular framework that makes it easy for all skill levels to create rich UIs for users, regardless of device.

    Experts Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison host this informative event and take you through what you need to know to get up and running in Bootstrap. They even offer tips for building great-looking applications. Don't miss it!

    Course Outline

    • Introduction to Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap Components
    • Page Design
    • Visual Studio and ASP.NET Integration
    • JavaScript Functions
    • Using Bootstrap with LESS
    • Bootstrap in the Real World
    • Next Steps

    Building Responsive UI with Bootstrap

    Date:  August 27, 2014
    Time: 9am‒5pm
    Where: Live, online virtual classroom
    Cost: Free!

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