On behalf of the entire MVA team we are excited and humbled that so many people are choosing to learn with us from so many countries around the world. In a little over a year your numbers have doubled. We now have 1M people a month visiting MVA with some of our largest traffic coming from India, Latin America, Brazil, Russia and the United States.

You are one thirsty global village of learners too! Since MVA started look at how much learning you have done!

  • 3.5 million course enrollments!
  • 17 million video views!
  • and over 800,000 course completions!

We applaud you all for making a commitment to learning, developing and advancing your careers, and we look forward to delivering tons more training to you and everyone yet to join! Those of us who work on MVA feed off of seeing your diligence and hard work. We share your passion about technology, and it’s super exciting for us to see so many people exploring our courses and spending time (in some cases lots and lots of time) to get skilled up.

It’s one of our guiding principles at MVA that “Our community will embrace you whether your goal is to develop proficiency across multiple topics or simply to answer a single question” and it’s been great to see how true that has been in our live Jump Start chat rooms, on our Twitter feed and in comment threads like this one from Facebook.

Please continue to share your enthusiasm and to encourage each other to continue putting in the effort. Our new CEO Satya is excited too. :)

Stay tuned for the announcement next week of who finally took us past the 2,000,000 member milestone and to find out which lucky entire country of MVA members will be getting bonus MVA points!

And keep the feedback coming on how we can improve the MVA site and experience.