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    The team at Microsoft Virtual Academy has partnered with product experts to develop a new set of Windows client courses for IT professionals.

    Get an overview of key Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 features with the latest courses on MVA:

    • Windows Performance Jump Start: Join MVA for a deep dive on the free Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) and get ready to tackle real-world Windows performance issues that can impact organizations of all sizes running Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Register for this free course by January 23.
    • What’s New in Windows 8.1 Security: Learn about the advances in security for Windows 8.1 across the three core investment areas of modern access control, malware presence, and information protection
    • What’s New in Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals: Learn how you can fast-track your Windows XP or Window 7 organization to a more productive Windows 8.1 enterprise desktop environment by offering new possibilities for mobile productivity, secure IT, and easy-to-manage infrastructure.

    Find all of the latest Windows client courses on MVA on the MVA Windows client Topic Page.



    The Microsoft Virtual Academy helps you learn new skills and advance your career. In 2013, developers, IT professionals, and aspiring technologists took more than 1.1M hours of on-demand training across 300 courses, in over 11 languages.


    MVA Site Enhancements

    In January, we launched several site enhancements including the Top Student of the Week, new course video experiences, and expanded RSS feeds to help our community members stay informed of our latest courses and live events. The pace of site enhancements kept up throughout the year as we introduced Topic Pages that group courses by subjects like HTML5 or products like Windows Server, the My Learning Plan feature to help give our customers more control over their skills development, and several other improvements.

    By the end of January, the MVA community reached a milestone population figure of 1 million technologists!


    New Learning Opportunities   MVA Rockstars

    In April, we launched the first in a series of live events that, thanks to input from the MVA community, we named ‘MVA Live Q&As’. The live, audience-led discussions focused on a specific technical topic and often followed-up to recent MVA Jump Start events. The new format gave the MVA technologists the chance to ask questions about technical capabilities, get advice for using products in a live environment, and learn from their peers in the industry & the experts at Microsoft.


    In June, the MVA team hosted a Study Hall as part of the TechEd North America event in New Orleans. Some lucky community members got free MVA Rockstar t-shirts from our booth on the showroom floor and others participated in video interviews with MVA Community Manager Matt Calder.





    New Course Growth

    In July, MVA went through a growth spurt, introducing more courses over the following 6 months than in all of 2012. In addition to adding new courses, we began to make it easier to follow along with our presenters by adding subtitles to more than 30 courses. We will continue to add subtitles to additional courses in 2014. Find the latest content on the MVA Courses page by sorting by our Most Recent courses.



    MVAs Guiding Principles   Aspiring Technologists

    In August, the MVA team outlined our Guiding Principles, including: •Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving• and •MVA is a conduit for taking control of your career and getting to where you want to go•.

    We also made it easier for our Italian-speaking friends to access our site and great content by introducing Italian language support.


    In September, MVA welcomed the growing community of aspiring technologists to the platform with new courses to help kick-start their learning and careers, including the Five-Star Rated C# Development Fundamentals and Networking Fundamentals courses.





    Get Recognized for your work on MVA with Degreed

    In October, the MVA team announced its integration with Degreed, where you can get credit for all types of learning. You can still export your learning history & certificates into PDF and now, if you want to take it one step further, you can navigate to the Courses Completed tab on your MVA Dashboard to create your Degreed profile to showcase all your experience, education and training.



    Record Jump Start Attendance   1.5M Technologists Using MVA

    In November, the Microsoft Server Virtualization course broke all MVA records with more than 26,000 event registrants and 11,000 students from 120 countries in attendance. The training delivered nearly 7.5 years of free training in just 4 days. You can take the course and get a free voucher to take Microsoft Server Virtualization Certification Exam 74-409 by June 30, 2014.


    The MVA community grew more than 62% this year. Microsoft Virtual Academy now includes more than 1.5 million users developers, IT professionals, and aspiring technologists, with more than 600,000 unique visitors coming to the site each month.


    Thank You!

    To thank you for your support throughout 2013 and to celebrate a great year, we’re offering all of our registered users 3 great incentives:

    1. 50 MVA Points: To redeem your points, navigate to your dashboard and insert voucher code: MVAYearInReview.

    2. Free Microsoft Virtualization Certification: Get a free certification voucher - a $150 value - when you complete the MVA Server Virtualization course.

    3. 3-for-1 certification exam offer for MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) certifications: Register to get your ‘3-for-1’ voucher code and then prep for your certification exams with MVA courses on ALM, Web Apps, SharePoint Applications and Windows Store Apps-C#/HTML5.


    Help Make MVA Better

    MVA's Facebook and Twitter pages passed 100,000 followers in 2013, with thousands of interactions each month. In addition to commenting, liking, and sharing, you gave us invaluable feedback about what you like, love, and want to change about MVA. We appreciate your input and would like to continue to ask for your help to improve! Please share your thoughts with us: MVA survey.



    For more information

    If you'd like to join the community of 1.5 million technologists that are learning new skills on MVA, register at and sharpen your skills with free expert-led technical training. Be sure to update your MVA Profile to receive the latest news & information from Microsoft Virtual Academy, including new course availability.


  • Would you like to learn about the tools used by Microsoft Global Business Support Premier Field Engineers when they need to make a CEO's computer run faster? Want to improve performance for computers that are starting slowly? Download the toolkit, and get ready to tackle real-world Windows performance issues affecting organizations of all sizes running Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. We'll show you real-time event tracing and live troubleshooting demos, starting with the basics and getting more advanced throughout the day.

    Windows Performance

    Date: January 23, 2014
    Time: 7am–3pm PST
    Where: Live, online virtual classroom
    Cost: Free!

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  • Dear MVA members, Thank you! Today Microsoft Virtual Academy hit 1,500,000 members worldwide. It seems like it was yesterday we hit our 1st 1M members, but now we have grown 50% - another 500,000 people! That is an entire city in terms of population in just 10 months.

    Thank you all for joining and learning with us! You and your worldwide passion for learning are the reasons MVA exists and thrives.

    Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving. We have tried to live these guiding principles in everything we do.

    Your feedback has been essential to make us better, make it easier to find the courses that are important to you, and most important learn your inspiring stories you have sent us. Together you have helped MVA become a vibrant community of Developers, IT Professionals and Students seeking expert-led technical training.

    Our commitment to you: we are never going to stop looking for ways to help make learning easier, more exciting and find ways to delight you in your quest.

    Whether you are looking to learn how to build an app, skill up for a new server deployment, or build your skills for the next stage of your career. MVA is here to help you.

    We’d really like to hear more from you and how learning with MVA has helped you. Please celebrate with us by sharing your own story on Facebook

    Keep the feedback coming and thank you again for learning with us!