Vote to decide who will be the MVA Fast Track Challenge winner.

Everyone has a different learning path, but it is always our hope that the training we provide through Microsoft Virtual Academy will be of value to you. What I learned from your MVA Fast Track Challenge stories is that for some our training is a boost in skills and knowledge to finish a project or pass a certification exam. It can also be the difference you needed to get a promotion or to be inspired to change your career path.

I was excited by each of your stories, as was the rest of the MVA team. Thank you to everyone who entered! While we are not able to feature all of our entries this time, we are thrilled to share five as our MVA Fast Track Challenge finalists:

  • Abhishek Nandy (India): Fulfilling his dream of developing software.
  • Ranjan Biswas (United States): Getting recognition on the job and in Windows Store.
  • Joni Nieminen (Finland): Being hired for the system specialist job he always wanted.
  • Ben Tolliday (Australia): Making more money as a network manager before changing to software development.
  • Shivam Chopra (India): Skilling up on web app skills for job success.

We have created a Facebook community tab where you can:

  • Find out the finalists’ learning paths (MVA courses they took) and successful approaches for career advancement.
  • Vote on one of the finalists whose story inspires you (and view which finalist has the leading edge!)
  • Stay connected with us and the community through our Twitter feed.

Note that you don’t have to be a registered MVA member to vote nor is it necessary for you to “like” us on Facebook or “follow” us on Twitter. Of course, we would love it if you joined our global community!

Let the voting begin!