Since we kicked off our contest “The Fast Track Challenge” I’ve been looking forward to checking my e-mail for new entries every morning. I love reading how people are using our training to advance their careers and really change their lives. Many of the entrants experience a virtuous cycle where they gain confidence as they gain skills that lead to a major personal win which in turn gives them to the confidence to go even harder at their next challenge. I also have to admit I love reading about how showing a prospective employer our course completion certificates and dashboard profiles makes a difference in job interviews.

If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time. We’re accepting entries through this Friday, June 28. If you’ve been able to move forward at your job or had the opportunity to make the switch to a more rewarding job because of how MVA has helped you, I encourage you to send us email sharing your experience. We’ll choose a set of finalist and have the community vote for the winner. We’ll be awarding the winner Visual Studio Professional with an MSDN subscription for access to even more tools and great help and information.

Based on questions we’ve heard and the entries we’ve received, here are some tips that can help you with your entry. Leave me a note below if you need further help.

  1. Don’t doubt your story: Take a chance and enter because we are interested in you and your unique journey. 
  2. Keep it real: It could be that you couldn’t afford college or your job situation wasn’t a good one. Let us know about your experiences and of MVA’s impact in helping you achieve your goals.
  3. Provide specifics: Let us know what courses you took. This includes both live training (Jump Start and MVA Live Q & A) and on-demand courses.
  4. Be succinct: Try and tell your story in about 500 words and if you’re submitting a video aim for no more than two minutes.
  5. Submit in English, but: Going back to tip number one, which is we are interested in you and appreciate that we are a global community. Your English does not have to be perfect. We’re about substance over style.

As a final tip, don’t put it off. The contest submission period is ending soon so submit your story.