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Basic Customizations for System Center Service Manager 2012

Karen Eng

The System Center 2012 Service Manager provides an integrated platform for automating and adapting your organization’s IT service management best practices, such as those found in Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Service Manager provides built-in processes for incident and problem resolution, change control, and asset lifecycle management. The System Center Service Manager 2012 Authoring Console can be customized to meet customer requirements. In these new labs, find out how to get started with the Service Manager 2012 Authoring Tool, learn to work with a generic form, and modify the existing Service Manager 2012 form.

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Basic Customizations for System Center Service Manager 2012

These new virtual labs cover practical Service Manager tasks, for example: how to extend Service Manager, create and seal management packs, extend the CMBD for new and existing class types (and relationships between them). Learn to use the Service Manager Authoring Tool.  Find out how to customize forms and add them to new management packs and add new components.

Note: the lab spins up two windows: one is the lab environment, and the second is the step-by-step guide documentation.

System Center 2012 SP1 empowers you with a common management toolset for your private and public cloud applications and services. Download System Center 2012 SP1 for trial at the TechNet Evaluation Center.

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  • Levi Stevens
    | |

    It is great that you are providing basic labs.  These however, only cover very simple scenarios.  We need more complex/advanced training on authoring management packs for SCSM 2012.  Would it be possible to arrange for such training with Gold Certified Partners?

  • Karen Eng
    | |

    Levi, thank you for your appreciation of the materials provided here. For more advanced training, I encourage to seek out certification training and partners who use the Microsoft certified curriculum.  Start your search here:

  • Anonymous
    | |

    HI Karen, I tried to connect to virtual labs and clicked on the hyperlink provided above. The holLaunchpad Online app gets downloaded and when I click on the same, there's an error message " Cannot start application.  Application is missing required files. Contact app vendor for assistance" .   Any suggestions / workaround..pls. Thanks.

  • Andy203
    | |

    Hi Jagadish - I didn't get an error message when I clicked on the link, so I'm not sure what might be causing it. You can direct technical issues to They will be able to help you troubleshoot.