We’re excited to be participating in the initial #DevChat, a new weekly Tweet Chat brought to you by the @msdev team every Tuesday at 11am PST on Twitter.

On Tuesday the 14th, we’ll be doing a follow up to our Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# Jump Start, with Jerry Nixon back online to take your follow-up questions. Jerry has a tremendous wealth of knowledge in programming in C# and XAML, and this is a great chance to pick his brain in real time and for you to share what you know and help other developers. 

It’s also a great opportunity for you to get prepared for the next live Jump Start in the series, Advanced Windows Store App Development using C# taking place on May 23. 

Other guests in attendance will include Daren May, co-founder of Crank 211, Jeremy Foster, Developer Evangelist with specialty in HTML and JavaScript, Michael Palermo, Technical Evangelist with specialty in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 

It promises to be a really robust, and lively conversation with a really talented group of experienced developers. Make plans to join us Tuesday, May 14 at 11am PST. We’ll see you there! 

How #DevChat works:

  • We’ve already set up a tweet chat “room” that you can use to participate
  • You may also use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or any other Twitter client. You’ll just need to set up a column with the hashtag #DevChat.
  • Join in any time during the hour. We look forward to having your share your knowledge and questions.
  • We will ask a series of questions, each beginning with “Q1,” “Q2,” and so on.
  • Most of all, #DevChat is about learning, and sharing insights and experiences with your fellow developers, while having access to industry experts.
    • If you’d like to answer a question, just tweet back with “A1,” “A2,” etc. to the corresponding question.

Each Tuesday, #DevChat will focus on a different aspect of the development process, whether it’s a platform, a programming language, trends in application marketing, anything that impacts the life of a developer. To join the conversation, simply monitor and tweet with the #DevChat hashtag. Sound like something you’d like to check out? Join us on Tuesday at May 14 at 11am PST.