Learn from Microsoft's virtualization experts: Using VDI to Enable New Workstyles.


On April 18, MVA hosted an expert-led Jump Start event featuring Joey Snow, Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist; Corey Hynes, Holsystems Lead Technical Architect; and Adam Carter, Microsoft VDI Technical Product Manager.

The free course on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), titled Using VDI to Enable New Workstyles, is now available as an on-demand training module.


In the course, you will learn about the latest approaches to desktop virtualization, the business cases for each, guidance for choosing appropriate virtual desktop types according to requirements and architectural guidance for building a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with appropriate sizing, scalability and fault tolerance.

In addition to VDI, this training covers session virtualization, application and user state virtualization, and scenarios for desktop virtualization vs. traditional desktops, the Microsoft-Citrix v-Alliance program and provide context and scope for understanding when Microsoft only desktop virtualization makes sense and when a Citrix v-Alliance solution is appropriate. View the course outline below for additional details.


Take the course now and test your knowledge through the self-assessment exam.




Module 01 | VDI Overview
      - What is/why VDI?
      - Sessions/Personal/Pooled; VDI vs App-V and UE-V (DV overview)
Module 02 | Windows Server 2012 User Experience 
      - RemoteFX for WAN; USB Redirection; Adaptive Graphics
      - Windows 8 Client/Start Menu Integration/Touch; User Profile Disk
Module 03 | Windows Server 2012 VDI Management
      - Deployment Wizard; Admin Console
      - Collection Creation/Update
      - Powershell; SCCM and SCOM
Module 04 | Why Hyper-V?
      - Dynamic Memory; RemoteFX vGPU
      - Storage Spaces and SMB, CSV
Module 05 | Capacity Planning & Architecture
      - Hardware Recommendations; High Availability
      - Storage Options (san/jbod/smb/ssd)
Module 06 | Leveraging Citrix
      - Support for Windows XP/2008/2003/etc.
      - Support for non-Windows clients (iPad, etc.)
      - Management at Scale
Module 07 | Microsoft VDI Licensing
      - Demystifying the license requirements for VDI/RDS solutions