The featured Windows Server 2012 virtual lab at the TechNet Evaluation Center shows you how to take advantage of enhanced storage features.


Today, many businesses identify datacenter storage as a high cost driver.  Windows Server 2012 helps deliver enterprise-class storage availability, providing flexibility and scalability for a truly multitenant infrastructure on the same host, while reducing cost.

Featured virtual lab: Storage Spaces and De-duplication on Windows Server 2012

The Windows Server 2012 storage platform maximizes the value of storage infrastructures. Find out how to create a storage pool, provision a virtual disk to use a storage pool, and to create volumes on it.  Learn to add additional physical disks to a pool and implement data de-duplication.

Virtual Labs at the Evaluation Center are free online testing environments, designed to be completed in 90 minutes or less, without complex installation.

How to try out this solution free, full-featured?

Download Windows Server 2012 from the TechNet Evaluation Center for a 180-day trial (available in Standard and Datacenter editions).

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