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Microsoft Surface Pro available: Learn about Windows 8

Carlos I. James Gutierrez

With the February launch of Microsoft’s Surface Pro across 21 markets, customers can more easily edit, collaborate, and get things done from one device that they use from home, the office, and while on the road. As these new computing scenarios bring potential changes to the workplace through BYOD and user mobility, now is a great time to learn about the key Windows 8 features for IT professionals.

Get started with 4 MVA courses that provide you with a comprehensive and deep understanding of the Windows 8 OS:

Exploring Windows 8: Covers key topics for IT Pro’s such as Bit-Locker, client Hyper-V, and Managing Client Access for the Windows Store.

Planning and Preparing for Windows 8: Learn how to inventory apps and hardware, assess compatibility, and conduct a successful pilot deployment of Windows 8.

Deploying Windows 8: Use proven best practices and the free tools in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit to streamline your deployment in any size organization.

Operating & Managing a Secure Windows 8 Environment: Explore security and privacy options using technologies like AppLocker, BitLocker, and Windows Firewall.

Windows 8 delivers experiences users want, offers new possibilities for mobile productivity, and provides IT with a more secure, easy-to-manage infrastructure.

Sign-in to MVA to learn more about Windows 8 and visit to learn more about the Surface Windows 8 Pro.

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    The Exploring Windows 8 was a great Training Material...there were so many things I explored after reading the guide even though I started using Windows 8 right wen the Beta's had come out!