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Celebrating 1,000,000 Customers from 100 Countries around the World

Michael Aldridge

You never forget your first 1M customers. Today I am pleased to announce at 8:12am Pacific Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) just hit that magic number.  

Thank you all for learning with us. Your support, feedback to make us better, and worldwide passion for just-in-time learning and readiness skills are the reasons MVA exists and thrives. This support has helped MVA become a vibrant community of IT Pros and Developers from around the world seeking free technical training from experts on Microsoft technologies.

Here are some other cool examples of your passionate support:

  • The MVA customer base has grown 144% since Jan 2012.
  • MVA members have experienced over 1.1M hours of training across over 300 courses, in over 11 languages.
  • 600,000 unique visitors are now coming to the site every month.

This past fall, the addition of MVA Jump Starts has added a new dimension to help you get just in time information from tech experts. Jump Starts are live events that allow you to take a course live and ask questions and interact with instructors and your global classmates in real time.

As I write this post, nearly 500 people are experiencing our live interactive Jump Start class right now. In 2013 we will be expanding the frequency of our live Jump Start events and providing them on-demand.
You can check out our upcoming live and on demand events at our new Jump Start page.  

While today is a great milestone, we have much larger vision for MVA we will be revealing over the coming months that will continue our commitment to help you in your job or your career.

We’d really like to hear more from you. Please celebrate with us by sharing on Facebook how MVA helped you!

  • mrpaulb
    | |

    Hi Michael and Team,

    Many congratulations :-)

    I have an idea to celebrate 1 Million Students.... how about...

    "The Million Students of MVA Competition"...

    Design a module for MVA.

    The requirements could be something along these lines:

    Pick four to six Technet, MSDN and or Microsoft blog pages + one or two videos on a subject and or level of detail not already on MVA.

    Then add 10 questions:

       3x True or False

       3x Pick 3 right answers from 5 (checkbox)

       4x Pick 1 right answer from 4 (radio buttons)

    Could offer points for participation and maybe a top prize a day behind the scenes on an MVA JumpStart course. Maybe also find a Surface Pro or two to give away :-)

    Kind regards


  • Anonymous
    | |

    "great" for us Microsoft Learning Partners. for free is the end of paid

  • mrpaulb
    | |

    I believe that the more people have a good understanding of Microsoft products, the better businesses and other organisations can successfully deploy and use the Microsoft products.

    The more effective the use of Microsoft software, the more it will be used and the more it is likely business will invest with learning partners in a higher level of training.

    In a nutshell I believe MVA is a win-win-win for students, customers and even learning partners.


  • Ricky Day
    | |

    Congratulations to MVA Team.

    Its pretty unbelievable how much in 4 months my knowledge has increased, specifically regarding Microsoft's Cloud offerings and SC2012.

    I thought I knew my stuff before then, but MVA has taken my knowledge to a whole new level!

    I recommend MVA to everyone that has an interest in Microsoft Products and especially Cloud Computing.

    Great stuff

    Keep up good work :)

  • Anonymous
    | |

    Congratulations in empowering professionals and enthusiasts around the world in expanding their knowledge for free. I never knew MSDN brimmed with so much information, esp. on cloud computing.

  • Michael Aldridge
    | |

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words and inspiring anecdotes on how MVA impacted your skill building.

    Please feel free to also share your stories on facebook @!