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  • This is an important announcement for all registered student at the Microsoft Virtual Academy regarding the change to the registration system.

    We have migrated to our new registration system and no further action is required of you.

    You can disregard the previous email that was sent to you.

    Thank you for your continued participation in MVA.

  • The Microsoft Virtual Academy team would like to announce the release of the Enhancing Your Business and Career with the Private Cloud course.

    This course contains 3 modules which focuses on how the private cloud can help your business and your IT Pro career.

    The first module starts by covering the cloud business drivers and business processes. The subsequent modules will be discuss cloud computing at the business level and then show you how to extend that knowledge to the technical level.

    The final module will cover how to extend your private cloud to the outside world and how the resulting hybrid cloud will benefit both your organization and you as an IT Pro.

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  • The Microsoft Virtual Academy team would like to announce the release of the Microsoft Virtualization for the VMware Professional - VDI course.

    Centralizing desktops and client computers is an increasing important consideration for all IT departments as they begin to evaluate Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Using VDI to consolidate maintenance activities reduces the time which end-users must spend on OS and application deployment, configuration, patching and compliance, while decreasing hardware costs through virtualized resource pooling and sharing.

    The VDI course provides a deep-dive into VDI planning and solutions as the final section in the three track program covering Microsoft Virtualization. Learn about:-

    • When to use VDI.
    • Planning considerations.
    • Desktop models.
    • Windows 7 integration.
    • Application delivery.
    • User state virtualization
    • Comparisons to other technologies.

    Also in this course you will explore how Microsoft’s v-Alliance partnership with Citrix strengthens and broadens the VDI offerings.

    Upon completing this course you will be able to understand, plan and deploy the appropriate VDI solution for your business and also gain 47 MVA points towards your next level.

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  • We are making some changes to the points system you see within the Academy. The first thing to say about these changes is that no student’s current status will be downgraded by these changes.

    Next point regards the Bonus Point system, Some of you will have also noticed the addition of bonus points to the courses. First of all, apologies to those people who completed a course prior to the bonus points being allocated and have not seen the bonus points added to their score as a result to that. Rest assured that this will happen during this update and all bonuses for completed course will be added to your scores.

    The point system is being changed in response to feedback. Since the launch in March we have received a lot of feedback regarding the point system, as well as numerous requests to accelerate the release of new courses. In response to this we will be updating the points scale and the number of points you receive per course.

    What you will see when the changes are implemented?.

    • No ones status will be downgraded as a result of these changes. There is also a possibility that some student may be promoted to Silver status once the bonus points are correctly added to your current score.
    • All current progress will stay the same, but the scale regarding how many points needed to reach a specific level will change. The new points levels will be
      • Bronze: 0 – 99 points
      • Silver: 100 – 499 points
      • Gold: 500 – 2999 points
    • Rankings in the Worldwide and local Top Student lists might change as we adjust the bonus points to students who finalized a course before the Bonus Point Feature was implemented on May 5th.
    • Distribution of Points per content type in a course will be simplified as follows:
      • Article / Whitepapers: 1 Point
      • Videos: 2-3 Points (depending on length)
      • Assessments: up to 5 points

    The bonus points system will continue and you will be awarded bonus points every time you successfully complete all requirements for a course.

    We hope you understand our reasons for simplifying the system. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the Tell The Dean email.

    As also mentioned we have had requests regarding more courses and their availability. The current schedule for the next couple of months is


    Microsoft Virtualization for the VMware Professional – VDI – the last of the Jump start courses will publish in June.

    “Success with Private Cloud” – we are working a final name for this course, but it will contain 3 modules looking at how to be successful with Cloud computing from both a business and career perspective.

    Office 365 Jump Start- We will start the publication of the 3 jump starts being delivered live during May 24-26 2011. This process will most likely spill over into July.


    Microsoft High Availability Solutions” – another working title for a 5 module course looking at Clustering.

    Office 2010 – The first of our Office 2010 courses will look at planning an Office deployment, covering topics such as Activation, compatibility and security.

    August and beyond:

    The information below is very high level and while we would really like to provide the number of courses and content details all of these courses are in the planning stages and subject to change.

    • PowerShell
    • System Center Configuration Manager 2012.
    • SQL “Denali”
    • Windows InTune
    • System Center Virtual Machine Manage 2012.

    To keep up-to-date with break course information look at MVA Blog, the MVA News Feed and follow us on Twitter @MSVirtAcademy