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  • Today we released updates to MVA that turn off the current point system and leaderboards. We are working to evolve the site to improve performance and to better integrate the MVA training experience with other online learning and skills validation across Microsoft, and this is a necessary step. The good news is that when we implement our new system, your work on MVA will earn you Microsoft TechRewards. You’ll be able to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards like Starbucks or Newegg gift cards. You can even donate your points to Special Olympics. Plus, you’ll earn experience points for the TechRewards leaderboards and badges. We’re working through the details and will be sharing a more solid timeline soon.

    The big picture

    The reason behind the change is that we are migrating our user profile data to a new, more scalable infrastructure. As millions of users have joined MVA, our audience has outgrown our ability to deliver a consistently excellent experience. Last summer, we made the first big migration of our course catalog and implemented a new course player. Today’s release is the second major milestone, as we take MVA into the future. And we folks who love technology are definitely excited about the future.

    Know it. Prove it.

    Want to get a preview of what the TechRewards experience will be like? Sign up for a Know it. Prove it. challenge, and you can start earning TechRewards points for your MVA activity today. Be sure to let us know what you think!

    The Founders’ Club badge

    Did you notice that the folks on the TechRewards home page are watching an MVA course? If you recognized the old MVA studio set, congrats! You’ve probably been with us a while. The idea of the Founders’ Club badge is to recognize everyone who has already invested time skilling up here on MVA. When we release the updates, you’ll see the badge on your dashboard with your current point total.

    Change is hard

    We want to hear from you. Help us make sure we get things right as we move forward. Please comment here and, if you need help with the new dashboard, connect with us in the MVA forums. We really appreciate your feedback and thank you for being a part of the MVA community. 

  • MVA Latinoamérica se encuentra integrándose a la plataforma global en la nube en, y este proceso requiere que los usuarios realicen un proceso manual el cual les estará llegando al correo inscrito en MVA. Por favor todos los usuarios deben estar pendientes de su bandeja de entrada para seguir los pasos que el equipo de MVA les enviará.

    Cualquier tipo de duda acerca de la migración de MVA LATAM, por favor escribir a

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 offers exciting new features and enhancements across virtualization, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information protection, and more. Find out how new and enhanced features allow you to take advantage of even better performance and more efficient capacity utilization in your datacenter by downloading the full-featured free, 180-day trial software at the TechNet Evaluation Center.   

    RThe software trial is free, easy to install, and this full-featured download is your way to test out new enhancements in Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview including:

    • virtualization features, efficient networking management, new storage capabilities.
    • how to give workers access to data and information across varied networks and devices while keeping costs down.

    RGet expert guidance and technical information on these features and more: view our top-rated MVA Jumpstart videos for Windows Server 2012 R2.

    RFree, hands-on virtual labs are designed to point out the location of new features, discuss and describe them, and enable you to understand and explain these features to customers. Explore new Window Server 2012 R2 capabilities for Server Infrastructure and Fabric Administrators. Please note: this lab is designed for Windows 7 and newer. 

    Useful Resources and information to get started with your free, full-featured Windows Server 2012 R2 Evaluation:

  • MVA recently updated the look & feel of the site to make it easier for you navigate, find courses, and accelerate your learning.

    With the changes that rolled-out across the site last month, MVA users can now:

    • Start learning with fewer clicks using Quick Search right from the MVA Homepage.
    • Get more granular in your search for training on Microsoft technologies with the option to narrow results by multiple products and/or topics on the Find a Course page.
    • Quickly understand how basic or advanced technical content is by looking at the Course Level, which is listed alongside each module and appears in the Find a Course results.
    • Rate courses you've taken and see what your peers think about the quality of each course through our 5 Star Rating system. Try it out by taking & reviewing one of our Windows Server 2012 courses!

    We look forward to hearing your feedback as we continue to improve the MVA site: Tell the Dean!

  • Dear MVA learners! On the heels of hitting over 1,000,000 learners who visited just last month, today we unveiled a totally new way for you to experience your MVA learning!

    Over the past year many of you told us:

    "Your course player was hard to use!"

    "Clumsy, cumbersome!"

    "I didn't know where to start when I landed on a course."

    "Juggling different pages and video players was confusing!"

    This new player experience, using HTML5, is designed to help make it easier to get you to the courses you are interested in and allow you to discover and navigate all within a single page. 

    Hopefully these new changes provide you a clearer and cleaner way to learn, engage and achieve your personal learning goals.

    Just like successful technologists never stop learning, and great technology never stops evolving, we in the MVA team will continue to learn from you, evolve, and strive to create the best place for you to learn online.

    This is the first step of many refinements to this new MVA experience we will iterate on over the next few months. So there is more to come next month!

    Keep the feedback coming; thanks for helping to make us better!


  • Exciting MVA Improvements now live!

    For 2013, we have some new innovations on Microsoft Virtual Academy we just rolled out:

    • New Top Students of the Week /Month
    • New MVA Video Experience ready for feedback
    • Expanded RSS feeds to keep up on new courses and live events

    Top Students of the Week /Month
    Some of you may have noticed our new Top Students home page banner now features weekly and monthly point leaders for both your local market and globally. This was done based on member feedback asking for more ways for recent member accomplishments to be featured more often. We have also updated the Top Students leader board so you can compare yourself to top students in your country by week, by month or by all-time. We hope this allows more amazing MVA members all over the world to be featured.

    New MVA Video Experience

    We are also continuing to improve the site experience. Our goal is to make it easier to find and experience the courses that are important to you and give you new ways to share and compare your progress.

    This week we launch a totally new MVA video experience we would love for you to try. This is designed to make it easier to navigate a course, skim the various course modules, find supplementary materials and take self-assessments.

    We want your voice involved as we improve the MVA experience. Please try this new MVA video experience by taking one of our recorded Jump Starts here and send us your feedback to “Tell The Dean”. Tell us what you like and more importantly what we need to improve before we roll this out for all courses.

    Improved Course Description Pages
    To make courses easier to read and discover, we have revamped the course description pages to make course and module descriptions easier to read.

    New expanded RSS feeds
    In order to provide more ways to discover what is new on MVA, we have expanded RSS feeds for members on the:

    • Most popular courses,
    • New live Jump Start events you can attend
    • And new recorded Jump Starts you may have missed

    You can check these out on the home page and our new Jump Start section.

    Thanks for your terrific support of Microsoft Virtual Academy and we look forward to sharing more exciting innovations over the coming months.

  • This is an important announcement for all registered student at the Microsoft Virtual Academy regarding the change to the registration system.

    We have migrated to our new registration system and no further action is required of you.

    You can disregard the previous email that was sent to you.

    Thank you for your continued participation in MVA.

  • This week we have released some significant enhancements to MVA that will make it easier for you to access our courses and our team. As next steps in the journey we’re taking with our community, I’m excited to tell you about both our new mobile experience and our new forums for technical support and course feedback.

    New Mobile Course Player

    We want to make it easy for you to get access to our training no matter what platform you’re using. Our new mobile player is designed to deliver a better mobile experience across Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and we’ve also made improvements to our iPad experience. This release is a first step, and we’ll be continuing to iterate so that we can help our audience be more productive in a mobile first, cloud first world.

    Faster Support in Our New Forums

    We love being in touch with our community, and we’re excited to take it to the next level with the launch of our new forums. At the end of this month we’ll be retiring the “tellthedean” email alias, because now, instead of using email to help customers one at time (and you having to wait around for a reply) you’ll be able to find answers to common questions right away and share information with other members of the community, as well as the course planners and instructors on the MVA team.

    Is a video not playing? Having problems downloading a file? If you run into an issue using the site, you can just click on the “Get help” button near the player or from the header navigation. To help us quickly track down and fix issues, each course links to a specific forum. If an answer to your question isn’t already there, just post your question for the team. We are actively monitoring and replying.

    Want to request a course on a particular topic? Want to suggest how we can make a course more useful? Or if you just want to tell us why you think an instructor is great, feedback like that really helps us, and we want to hear from you.

    And, I want to give a shout out and a huge THANK YOU to our volunteer moderators from the community. We have a crew of MVA users who are super dedicated to helping others skill up and will also be answering questions and helping out. Want to learn more about moderators? Check out the discussion in the forums!

  • Dear MVA learners,

    While it is great to deliver a new feature people love, it is also fulfilling to fix something quickly when we don't get it right.

    We got some great feedback on our new course player experience but one of the things we didn't do well was turn on "autoplay" when you first visit. I am happy to announce we turned this off today for the entire MVA world.

    Your voices of honesty help us improve MVA and this is another great example of that.

    Keep the feedback coming because we are listening! 

  • Here at MVA it’s one of our guiding principles that “Your effort and accomplishments should be acknowledged, and we will celebrate your success.” So we are excited to announce that starting today, when you go to the Courses Completed tab on your MVA Dashboard you will notice a link to Degreed where you can create a profile that includes your MVA courses along with your formal education. We encourage you to include a link to your Degreed profile from anywhere you want to showcase all your experience, education and training.

    It’s been great to connect with the team at Degreed, and in their own words, from developer Joel Lyons, here’s a little more about the new feature on MVA:

    I attended a university in the early 1990’s, working on a Computer Science major.  That time period represented the rise of the Internet, and our industry was barely starting to understand what the world wanted from the web and how software needed to change to fit those demands.  Within the walls of the university, many of the classes I took were still focused on, what seemed to me, yesterday’s problems.  Don’t get me wrong, I learned some timeless principles of software design.  But when we consider how software has changed in the last twenty years, if the degree I received in the 90’s is the only representation of my education, I’m in big trouble!

    The problem isn’t only about perishable skills.  How can someone who has gained considerable knowledge through non-traditional methods like online courses, open-source projects, or bootcamps get the formal recognition needed to get that job, that salary, that contract?  What is the alternative credential? 

    Degreed is taking that challenge head on.  Degreed is “jailbreaking the degree” by giving you credit for all types of learning, and we’re excited to announce Microsoft has joined Degreed’s crusade.  Now, all your accomplishments at Microsoft Virtual Academy can be easily synced with your Degreed profile.  This is directly in line with MVA’s mantra of “Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving.” 

    Degreed already helps you track and showcase your academic and lifelong learning and now, with the launch of the MVA partnership and integrations with sites like Pluralsight and Coderbits, Degreed is expanding to include your professional learning. 

    Get recognized for your learning, all of it!

  • Have you finished one of these courses recently?

    • Windows Server “8” First Look
    • System Center 2012: Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
    • Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals - The Platform

    • Understanding Microsoft’s High Availability Solutions
    • System Center 2012: Configuration Manager

    Please tell us about your experience by going back to the course and in the Next Steps section Take Our Satisfaction Survey.

  • It’s been really fun to get input from our community about the Windows app we are planning for MVA, and among the features and scenarios we’ve heard requested, keeping it personal and keeping it fresh have been frequently recurring themes: what new courses are available? Can you notify me about the events I’ve registered for? Has someone surpassed my point total and moved me down in the rankings? Can you take me with one click to where I left off in the course I’m currently taking? Because Windows 8 is designed to enable immersive content experiences, we’ll be able to make those types of scenarios even easier for users in our app than in our desktop browser experience. With live tiles and badges, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off in your current course with a single click right from your Start screen without even have to open a browser and navigate to our site. We’ll also use live tiles to feature upcoming events so that you know when an interesting course is coming. And we’ll be able to provide you a countdown tile for the events you are registered for so you can be sure to block the time to attend. We’re still fleshing out the scenarios around points but we certainly have a group of users who love to compete, and we’ll be making it easier to keep tabs on your rankings.

    If you’re thinking about using live tiles in your own apps, we’ve got courses that cover them from a couple angles. Windows 8 UX Design Jump Start covers how to go about planning and creating an app from a designer’s point of view. Microsoft’s Chris Mayo and Brandy Porter of Big Nerd Ranch walk through every aspect of Windows app design using examples from their demo app The Contoso Cookbook. But if you want to just jump right into tiles then start with module 8 Tiles and Notifications which will teach you what users see, how they discern when the content on a tile is live and how to reflect your brand with a tile. If you are C# developer, then you’ll want to check out Jerry Nixon and Daren May leading you through tiles in module 7 of Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# Jump Start. They dive into some great detail about tiles and toast notifications, and you’ll want to download the slides for that module so that you’ve got their sample code as well.

    You  should also check out these other resources

    If you’ve got requests for what you’d like the MVA Windows app to do, or if you’ve got other helpful resources and examples to share, please leave a comment below!

  • Wow did you see we hit 1.2M users yesterday? Super exciting. We have been revamping the MVA site quietly over the last few months - although after hitting our 13th release in 7 months it doesn't feel so quiet for team MVA. 

    This past week you may have noticed some "louder" substantial changes on the MVA home page. I wanted explain why we made these changes, and also request your feedback on them.

    A key theme of this new release was to change the discoverability on the site: we wanted to help MVA customers get to the courses and topics they care about in a much easier way. Let us know, were we successful?

    Key goals in this new release were:

    Get to the content you want in a single click on the home page:

    • I think we almost got there with our new “hover click” UI although I still see room for improvement
    • This new UI lets you see immediately top courses by subject or help you get to new topic pages
    • Improve our top-level navigation menus to help you access courses by topic anywhere on the site

    Offer new Topic Pages that group courses by subjects like HTML5 or products like Windows Server and help you:

    • Find courses in topic areas you care about, and build your own personal learning plans around them
    • Discover additional resources like books or software evaluations to supplement your education
    • Help suggest ways to explore how to take the next steps in your career with Microsoft Certifications

    Make it easier to find our popular Live Events like MVA Jump Starts and Live Q&As 

    • New countdown tiles on the home page to help find our ever growing choice of live events and remind you when they are happening (several times every week)
    • An improved Live Events link in our updated top level menu to find it anywhere on the site and see Live Events grouped by themes on our event page
    • And we made the Live Event registration experience easier and more integrated for MVA members: you no longer need to juggle two separate registration IDs and Passwords, just use your MVA member ID and password. For existing customers, we help you join these on your first log-in to register for a live event.

    Give MVA customers a place on the home page to be heard with MVA Voices: a place we share all the great feedback MVA members send us through our Tell the Dean alias, and via our Live Event forums.

    Do a better job of making it easier to understand what MVA is and our philosophy to new visitors with a new What is MVA? section

    So as you can see, it was a jam packed sprint for us this month. Heck we even updated our favicon: we affectionately call it "Frank" :)

    Please let us know what you think of these changes, what you like, and more important what you don’t like or still think is missing.

    Share with us here on the MVA blog, on FacebookTwitter, or send mail to our Tell the Dean alias which you can access on the lower right hand corner of every page on MVA.

    Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving. Our commitment is to keep evolving MVA to be the most exciting place for expert-led technology training.

    Thanks for learning with us and keep the feedback coming!


  • We have another great live learning opportunity for developers. Register Now to get an accelerated, live interactive one-day version of a five-day course on C#.This course is tailored for intermediate or seasoned developers looking to refresh or improve their C# skills.

    In typical Jump Start fashion, every stop of this course is example-driven. Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon and Crank211 co-founder, Daren May, will craft sample after sample in real time to show simple and complex techniques you can take back to your workplace.  And these C# concepts and features will help you prepare for the first exam in the MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using C# track: exam 70-483.

    Buckle up, it will be fun and fast-paced!

    Date: March 13, 2013
    Time:  8:00am – 5:00pm PST
    Where: Live, online virtual classroom
    Cost: FREE!

    Learn more and book your spot now!


  • We are making some changes to the points system you see within the Academy. The first thing to say about these changes is that no student’s current status will be downgraded by these changes.

    Next point regards the Bonus Point system, Some of you will have also noticed the addition of bonus points to the courses. First of all, apologies to those people who completed a course prior to the bonus points being allocated and have not seen the bonus points added to their score as a result to that. Rest assured that this will happen during this update and all bonuses for completed course will be added to your scores.

    The point system is being changed in response to feedback. Since the launch in March we have received a lot of feedback regarding the point system, as well as numerous requests to accelerate the release of new courses. In response to this we will be updating the points scale and the number of points you receive per course.

    What you will see when the changes are implemented?.

    • No ones status will be downgraded as a result of these changes. There is also a possibility that some student may be promoted to Silver status once the bonus points are correctly added to your current score.
    • All current progress will stay the same, but the scale regarding how many points needed to reach a specific level will change. The new points levels will be
      • Bronze: 0 – 99 points
      • Silver: 100 – 499 points
      • Gold: 500 – 2999 points
    • Rankings in the Worldwide and local Top Student lists might change as we adjust the bonus points to students who finalized a course before the Bonus Point Feature was implemented on May 5th.
    • Distribution of Points per content type in a course will be simplified as follows:
      • Article / Whitepapers: 1 Point
      • Videos: 2-3 Points (depending on length)
      • Assessments: up to 5 points

    The bonus points system will continue and you will be awarded bonus points every time you successfully complete all requirements for a course.

    We hope you understand our reasons for simplifying the system. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the Tell The Dean email.

    As also mentioned we have had requests regarding more courses and their availability. The current schedule for the next couple of months is


    Microsoft Virtualization for the VMware Professional – VDI – the last of the Jump start courses will publish in June.

    “Success with Private Cloud” – we are working a final name for this course, but it will contain 3 modules looking at how to be successful with Cloud computing from both a business and career perspective.

    Office 365 Jump Start- We will start the publication of the 3 jump starts being delivered live during May 24-26 2011. This process will most likely spill over into July.


    Microsoft High Availability Solutions” – another working title for a 5 module course looking at Clustering.

    Office 2010 – The first of our Office 2010 courses will look at planning an Office deployment, covering topics such as Activation, compatibility and security.

    August and beyond:

    The information below is very high level and while we would really like to provide the number of courses and content details all of these courses are in the planning stages and subject to change.

    • PowerShell
    • System Center Configuration Manager 2012.
    • SQL “Denali”
    • Windows InTune
    • System Center Virtual Machine Manage 2012.

    To keep up-to-date with break course information look at MVA Blog, the MVA News Feed and follow us on Twitter @MSVirtAcademy

  • Dear MVA learners, one of our great new additions to the MVA team, Andrew Parsons, has an exciting learning opportunity he has created this month to accelerate your skill building called Know it. Prove it 

    He just kicked this off this week and if you are not already involved you still have time to be a part of this exciting challenge. Thousands of people all over the world are joining every day.

    Whether you're a relative newcomer to development or a deeply experienced IT professional seeking to add another string to your bow, Know it. Prove it. is sure to help you kick start your year off right with 28 days of awesome, quality training from Microsoft Virtual Academy.

    All of the courses that make up each of the eight challenges were hand picked to give you a great walkthrough of the area, ramping up from introductory level stuff and getting a little meatier each time. By the end of the four weeks of February, you're going to look back and think, "wow, I actually did that, and now I'm a better technology professional than before."

    Step 1: Go to Know It Prove It and register. All you need to do is sign up with your MVA account.

    Step 2: Find a great challenge where you want to improve yourself.

    Step 3: Binge learn on the topic of your choice!

    Finally, make sure you blog, tweet and post on Facebook all about your journey. Snap screenshots of your challenge badge slowly filling up with that gorgeous green. Challenge your friends to join you on the journey. And make sure you use the #kipi2015 hashtag so we can find you! 

  • There are now more than 3 million registered users of Microsoft Virtual Academy! Give yourselves a round of applause! I encourage you to take a break from skilling up and get to know each other. You can meet on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Born To Learn, and in our course forums, and the stories behind other techies’ journeys will fuel your own passion for learning. To celebrate our community of 3 million lifelong learners, we’re inviting you to share your own story about how MVA has helped you meet your goals, big or small.

    Did MVA help you get a job? Are you one of the more than 700,000 people who have started coding, thanks to Bob Tabor? Did we help you get certified? Did you find the right course at the right time, just as you started a new project with a new technology? Did MVA help you get your career back on track after big life changes? Did you complete “Know it. Prove it.” challenges? Did you complete a lot of them?

    We’d love to find out about how MVA has been a part of your learning, and you never know who your own story will inspire. To join the party, go to the “Know it. Prove it.” forums, where people are posting about completed projects and achieved goals.

    Another fun way to introduce yourself to the community is to photograph yourself with our new mascot, Brain the robot. He’s easy to assemble—just download him here, cut him out, and fold and glue along the lines. Then, post a photo of you together to Twitter with the hashtag #MVAStories. With MVA users all over the world, we’re looking forward to seeing how much he gets around.

    On behalf of everyone who contributes to MVA, thank you for joining, and I look forward to getting to know even more of y’all!

  • Creative minds, we need your help!


    On April 3, we’ll launch the first in a monthly series of free Q&A sessions led by Microsoft technical evangelists – beginning with a virtualization session hosted by Symon Perriman.

    What do you think we should name these interactive events?


    The live, audience-led discussions will focus on a specific technical topic or follow-up to recent MVA courses like Virtualization, App Development, or System Center 2012. This is your chance to ask questions about technical capabilities, get advice for using products in a live environment, and learn from your peers in the industry and the experts at Microsoft.


    Feel free to post your ideas below, share them on our Facebook page, or post your response to Twitter using the #MSOfficeHrs hashtag.


    We’ll announce our new event name on Wed, March 13.

  • The MVA team is pleased to announce the release of the new Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start course.

    About the Course

    Of course, we know you’ve heard all the hype around Windows 8. While we’re thrilled at the reception Windows 8 is getting from the industry, analysts, partners and customers, we know you’re not going to just stop everything and become a believer in this “New Experience.” We get that you’re software developers and application architects who need to move beyond the hype and come face-to-face with what’s real.

    The popular “Jump Start” virtual classroom experience leverages two experts and an eoungaging team-teaching approach to bring to you how to develop apps using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. We’re excited to introduce you to Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo - two seasoned Microsoft Technical Evangelists with real world experience developing applications using a wide array of platforms and languages. Both Jeremy and Michael share a passion for creating powerful solutions leveraging HTML, CSS and JavaScript and are excited to dive into these topics together.

    Sign up for the course here

  • We have received a lot of feedback regarding the Bonus Points that we recently added to the MVA Courses not being added retrospectively to users who have already completed those courses. 

    We apologise for the time it is taking to do this and we will be adding the bonus points to users that had completed the affected courses prior to this change.

    We had planned to do this update this week, together with a larger change around the point scaling system. However, we have had to move this change out to the week of May 30th.

    Near the time, we will publish details of the changes.

  • MVA LATAM is currently integrating to the Global MVA Cloud Platform in, and this process will require the user intervention in 3 easy steps described in an email that the user will receive through the account registered in MVA.

    If you have any question about LATAM Migration please feel free to contact

  • Hello, I'm Matt Calder, and I've recently joined the Microsoft Virtual Academy team as a publishing manager. I'm here because my passions for live video and education lead me to get very interested in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), and I have been really impressed with what MVA is doing with the Jump Start and Live Q&A series. You may have already seen me moderating Jump Start Q & A. If you're interested in more about me personally check out my personal blog and Linked-in profile, and I'd love to connect on Twitter. As a publisher my role is to ensure that the site, our courses, our instructors and subject matter experts engage our visitors. I'll be one of the voices of the MVA team for our audience, and more importantly, I'll represent the voice of our audience to the MVA team.

    One question that is important to all of us is "If you have to learn about something for work, how do you want to learn?" Myself, I piece together a personal learning plan that starts with surveying the topic and identifying the sources of good, useful information. Then my process is rather ad hoc and includes watching video lectures, reading blogs, attending conferences, lurking in forums and reading books until I've learned enough to accomplish the goals that initially set me on the learning path. Depending on my curiosity, that might take a day or a decade, and I may or may not pick up a degree or certification along the way. It's personal process.

    What about you? How do you want to learn? How does MVA fit into the mix? Let us know, either in the comments, or feel free to email me directly. I'm

  • Add Hyper-V to your server virtualization skillset and improve your career options: Register for this free course, led by Microsoft experts Symon Perriman and Corey Hynes: Server Virtualization w/ Windows Server Hyper-V & System Center Jump Start.

    This course helps you prepare for the new Microsoft virtualization certification: Microsoft Specialist Exam 74-409-Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center. Event attendees will get a free voucher for the exam*—normally $150.

    Already familiar with other virtualization platforms such as VMware or Citrix? Upgrading virtualization platforms?  New to virtualization?  If any of these are true, then this course is intended for you. Get expert instruction on Microsoft Server Virtualization with Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager in this two-day Jump Start. You will learn how to configure, manage, and maintain Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager including networking and storage services. You will also learn how to configure key Microsoft server virtualization features such as Generation 2 Virtual Machines, Replication Extension, Online Export, Cross-Version Live Migration, Online VHDX Resizing, Live Migration Performance tuning as well as Dynamic Virtual Switch Load Balancing and virtual Receive Side Scaling (vRSS). 

    Server Virtualization w/ Windows Server Hyper-V & System Center Jump Start

    • Date:  November 19 & 20, 2013
    • Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm
    • Where: Live, online virtual classroom
    • Cost: Free!

    Put your career in hyperdrive and Register now.


    Additional Resources:


    *The number of free exams is limited, so be sure to schedule your appointment to lock in your free exam. Vouchers expire and all exams must be taken by June 30, 2014. 


  • Dear MVA learners,

    As 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to send all of you around the world a personal note of thanks for all your support this past year. Your excitement about MVA and how it can help you build your skills and your careers has taken us to new heights.

    Just last week we hit 2,600,000 million registered users. This is an incredible milestone especially given less than two years ago we were celebrating our first 1,000,000 registered customers. Now we see over 1,200,000 unique people coming to MVA to learn every month. 2 years ago is was 400,000 people per month. We now have thousands of courses across in 14 different languages spanning 20 diverse topic areas. We are humbled by your interest, and the amazing growth we have experienced because of your passion to improve yourselves.

    While the usage of MVA has skyrocketed, your feedback continues to help us improve to better meet your needs. In the last few months we began regular monthly surveys to better understand where you are satisfied and where we need to improve both in terms of the site experience and course topics. This is helping inform our plans for improvements in 2015.

    Thank you all for not only learning on MVA but also taking the time to help make us better. Please keep the feedback coming, we are listening!

    On behalf of the entire MVA team we want to wish you all around the world a happy and healthy 2015!

  • Today, we are thrilled to announce our 2,000,000th member of the MVA community! Alejandro Castaño of Colombia made his commitment to learning last week, and we are very excited to welcome him to our global community. Alejandro shared with us why he joined MVA and we wanted to share it with you: “I signed up for MVA basically to learn everything about game development on Microsoft platforms. I just want to say to all the people out there don't hesitate when you have an opportunity to learn, just go for it.”

    On behalf of the entire MVA team, I want to welcome Alejandro, and we will also reward all of the students from his country, Colombia, with bonus MVA points. Keep learning along with him!  To show our thanks and support, Alejandro will also receive an Xbox One for helping us reach this incredible milestone. We are looking forward to continue to watch our community grow and hit the next one! Help us celebrate by sharing with us why you love MVA in the comments below and any advice you might have for Alejandro!