I wanted to share with you some things I learned, or observed, about “The Guys” during our time together in the contest.  I, at least, hope they enjoy, and maybe even chuckle, when they see themselves through my eyes:


Alex – The youngest one of us.  He was born in Mexico City, son of a laborer.  His family moved to New Mexico and he watched his friends get girlfriends that turned into wives when the responsibilities of fatherhood demanded it. Intentionally deciding not to follow in their path and despite the stigma of his culture that often doesn't consider a man working unless he is working with his hands, he took out student loans and got a college education.  (Impressive.  Most impressive.) Then, when it was apparent that his career options were limited in New Mexico, he moved to Phoenix, AZ.

This boy can eat! He loves calamari, steak and mojitos.

Alex quotes:  "I'm working towards diabetes."   "I can fall asleep anywhere."  "That isn't real world."


Chris – The resident dad. He has two boys, ages 2 & 4.  The closest one to my age and, no, I’m not telling you how old I am.  His wife has done a 1/2 marathon.  (Repeat impressive statement here)   He works for the State of Texas (cush).  Specialty:  spacial data.  Very Texan: loves sports, decent pool player, and orders his steak medium rare.  When we decided to eat at the house one night, he cooked all of our steaks out on the grill to perfection.  Our trusted driver.  He learned the streets and got us to the set on time every day, navigated downtown and located a parking spot for the baseball game, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone successfully park as close to a wall as he did.  

Chris quotes:  "Dude, I just threw up a little bit."   "He's gotta have his GMA in the mornings.  I can respect that."   "I turned on the rear wiper for Alex.  I'm there for you like that, bro."


Mike – The resident circus freak.  He has been with his wife for something like 11 years. (Insert impressive statement again).  He met her when he was a bouncer, sir.  She is a doctor and is marveled by his uncanny luckiness. He can do this snap, slap, rhythmic thing with his hands and fingers so well you can recognize the heavy metal tune he is "playing", and he sings in the shower. (Yes, Mike, everyone could hear you.)   He purchases his energy drinks by the twelve-pack but he needs more than energy drinks to improve his pool game.   Check out my video congratulating Mike here: http://youtu.be/JqQyH1aKvOg

Mike quotes:  "There is always a song playing in my head."   "Maybe we should ask about Microsoft's dental coverage."   "I am so not looking forward to this."

Stacy quote - "Give me a pair of pliers...we'll take care of that *** right now."

I can hear Chris laughing.