It is time to go home and get back to our normal lives and use what we learned to tackle big problems at work and cherish all the memories from being on the show.  A big thank you to everyone who made this show possible and all the folks involved from the person applying make up to the producer of the show.  The judges were excellent at sharing their knowledge with us and allowing us to learn from them and become better professionals.  This was a great experience and for anyone thinking of joining Microsoft I have to say that it is awesome to be on campus and just by entering those buildings you can feel some of the geekness sticking to you.

Mike, Stacy, and Chris are very smart and have a lot ahead of them and I look forward to meeting up with them again in the future, maybe at SQL PASS or at some SQL Server training.  Here is a picture of the house where we stayed during the duration of the show:

I spent a lot of time studying at this table and looking towards the ocean with my HP Folio laptop.  I would have never imagined that this 15 inch Folio laptop had so much power and very stylish not to mention its long battery life.