This is the best challenge of all and one that I will never forget because of time it took us to complete it.  By now we all have won a challenge and winning this challenge means that someone would have won more than one challenge and anyone was capable of pulling a win.  Mike won the challenge and again he deserves it because he is a dedicated person who works hard and is not afraid to learn new things.  We all spent a lot of time preparing for this challenge and got very little sleep but we all enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other by studying together and exchanging ideas.  Here is a picture after the challenge that shows how much fun we had and how great it is to work for Microsoft:

     It is amazing to be there and meet the people behind the scenes who make things happen and I had a blast.  Although I did not win the challenge, I take with me great memories and several friends with whom I am sure I will keep in touch.  The judges were also very nice to talk to and Karen is someone to follow and learn from.  Buck is definitely a geek and a fun person to be around.  A big congratulation to Mike who will be the Next Microsoft Employee—he definitely fits the culture.