WOW - Today was a roller-coaster of emotions.  Let me start by saying I cannot believe that I actually won the show.  I'm so excited to be getting a job at MS, it's a dream come true.  I'll try to recap the day as it occurred so you get a full array of my emotions.

First, we all stayed up all night working on the final challenge.  The challenge itself was wicked hard and you should check it out on the site.

We had to leave the house at 7:00 AM to get to the building where the final challenge would take place, so we had basically until 6:30AM to work and then get ready to leave.  I "penned" the last slide of my presentation at 6:29.   I was totally unhappy with my presentation and I was unable to add any polish to it.  I was pretty sure it was technically sound, but because I had worked on it all night I had NO TIME to practice it, which made me really nervous while I was speaking.  Before we left the house I called my wife to tell her "Sorry, I'm not going to win today and I won't be working at Microsoft."  I was very bummed out.

During the actual presentation of my solution to the judges, I was so nervous and felt totally disorganized.  My brain was absolutely fried from staying up all night...I think I had 4 Redbulls this morning.  I walked away from the judges totally dejected...I had fumbled speaking at least 4 times, and just overall felt like I had done a poor job.

However! Fortunately the technical merits of my presentation were good, and that was what I was judged on.  It was enough for me to WIN!  I get to keep the laptop, I won a ticket to go to SQL PASS Summit 2012 this November, AND I won the grand prize of getting an offer from MS for a job!  I still can't believe it!

I can't thank the other contestants enough-I would not have been able to put together a final presentation without their help.  We worked together throughout the night and were literally bouncing ideas off of each other up until we had to leave the house.  Each and every one of them is amazing-the amount of work and dedication they showed this week was unreal-and I am glad I got the chance to get to know them.

Watch my personal reaction to all of this! -

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