This week’s challenge was both fun and disappointing.  It was fun in that it was a group collaboration challenge, but disappointing in that we lost as a group.  We were provided an error message and needed to come up with what we, as a group, thought the answer was.  I suggested an answer that was wrong unfortunately!  Alex actually came up with the correct answer, but sadly we didn't present that as the solution. The judges awarded Alex with a "technical" win, which was pretty sweet for him. The prize was amazing...a 1 year MSDN subscription.  Congratulations to Alex!  I'm pretty bummed out because if we had won the challenge today as a group, all of us would have gotten a subscription I think. :(

Oh!  One thing the judges did give us was a Nokia Lumia 900, the latest phone offering the Windows Phone OS.  It's really fantastic and can't wait to start using it.   

The challenge took place in a very different location today ...we were on the Bainbridge Island Ferry.  It was very cool...the views were spectacular!  They used the ferry as the timer for the challenge too...very creative.  We had until the ferry returned to dock to come up with the challenge answer.  The captain of the ferry even came down to wish us luck.

Once the challenge was completed and we were back at the house, we had a visit from Buck.  He gave us the final challenge to work on.  I truly think a part of that man enjoys torturing us a little bit. ;) The final challenge is REALLY hard and I suspect I will have to stay up the entire night to finish it.  I'm really freaking out because I don't think I'm going to be able to produce as good a presentation as the others will...which basically means I feel like I'm toast. :(

Watch my personal video reaction here -

A pic of the space needle from the deck of the ferry -


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