Be the Next judges have proven to be a colorful lot. The guest judges for Be the Next finale are no exceptions.

There are in fact two guest judges next week—it is the finale after all! Karen Lopez, aka Data Chick, and Pete Harris, aka SQL Pete.

Aside from the obvious—she’s a chick and he’s a dude—here are other data points to help you tell them apart when you watch next week:



Sr. Project Manager and Architect, InfoAdvisors

Learning Product Planner, Microsoft

Famous because…she’s a SQL Server MVP and blogs for InfoAdvisors.

Famous because…he helped design the SQL Server 2012 Certification and Training portfolio. Made famous as they used one of the Mastering titles in which he appeared in various videos.

Focused on data: Loves data Architecture, especially around design, data sharing, information standards, internationalization and data quality.

Focused on content: Joined Microsoft in 1995 to build the Mastering Series developer training products. Has done a variety of work around Microsoft but almost always focused on content in some way.

Planned for a career in tech. Studied Computer Information Systems at Purdue, jumped right in to technology consulting—enjoying every minute of it.

Got into tech when his dad bought him a PC in grade school and has been hooked ever since.

Pioneer of ‘Technical Barbies’—that means Barbies who have technical jobs…

Obtrusive Percussionist for The Castaways—that means he drums without drumsticks…

As you can see, next week the guest judges will continue the tradition of offering their own colorful commentary. There might even be an appearance by a Very Special Barbie (VSB) as well as some drumming—stay tuned…

Don’t miss the Be the Next finale on August 21!