You may know him as Dandy Weyn, or ‘The Belgian’, or as @ilikesql. Or perhaps as a Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager for SQL Product Marketing and that he writes the blog, I Like SQL. For any of you who have attended TechED or PASS Summit, he’s the guy behind the content for those events.

But did you know that…

  • Dandy has trained over 20,000 people on SQL Server in person?
  • He owns Master certification on SQL Server?
  • He can install SQL Server faster than he can make a cup of coffee?

Dandy has somewhat of a love/hate relationship with coffee. His inner techie was initially unleashed when an IT guy spilled coffee on the backup tape after formatting the wrong hard disk. Enter ‘The Belgian’, who was able save the corporate data using some pc tools he had sitting on his 386 desktop at home.

This is the guy contestants need to impress on Episode #4 of Be the Next as he’s this week’s guest judge!  Would you be nervous? (Did we mention this episode takes place on a ferry?)